14 Times The Bar Was Way Too Low For Guys

It is no secret that, sometimes (or many times), expectations are lower for guys than they are for girls. This is certainly not always the case–there are many guys in the world who will surely be happy to tell you so–but chances are good that you have probably experienced at least one situation with a guy that made you think something like, “Huh. That’s all he has to do?” It can happen in school (when the one dude in your group project gets all the praise for doing the least amount of work), in your friend group (do your friends all favor the guys in the group?) or even in your family (maybe your parents make set the table while all your brother has to do is sit and wait for dinner). If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know that it doesn’t feel very good.

Because of this, it is fairly unsurprising that expectations tend to be set especially low for guys who are in relationships. The general consensus seems to be that people who are in relationships with guys should be grateful that said guy decided to settle down and attempt an approximation of monogamy at all, so anything else they do is a total bonus. This, of course, leads to some, uh, questionable behavior–both from guys and girls. So, check out these times that the bar was set way, way, way too low for guys:

1. Is that…it?

2. Like, this is all you really need?


3. You have to have higher standards than this!

4. It’s not that this isn’t cute:



5. Really cute!



6. Or, uh, not cute:



7. Not cute at all!



8. It’s just that the bar is too low!


9. Too, too low:

10. I…okay:


10. What?

11. WHAT?????

12. These two things…are not mutually exclusive?



13. Anyway, the bar is low:

14. And don’t you ever forget it!

What do you think of these posts? Do you agree that the bar is, indeed, way too low for guys? Let us know in the comments!

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