22 Hilariously True Tumblr Posts About Dating Everyone Will Relate To

Guys, I’ll just say it – dating is hard!! Oh, you’ve heard that before? You mean you already know that flirting and trying to establish a connection with someone and trying to even find someone to flirt with can be extremely tough? Right, of course you know that. Literally everyone knows that.

One of the things that can help with the pain of being rejected or the torture of sitting around waiting for a response to a text message that could make or break your mood for the rest of the week is laughing at your struggles. Now is that the time to be super serious, because that’s only going to make your anxiety about your crush worse. Instead, you should try laughing, and reminding yourself that you are definitely not the only one who thinks crazy stuff while they’re trying to talk to someone they like. I, for example, have done and thought many crazy things when dating. But we won’t talk about it! The memories are weird!

Instead, let’s check out these hilariously true Tumblr posts about dating that anyone who has ever had a crush will relate to. It’s not easy to find your special someone, but at least we can make some good jokes about it, right? Right.

1. These are the kinds of quality flirting texts you can look forward to:



2. Sometimes you get just a little jealous…



3. There are two types of people:



4. Your crush doesn’t always get your sense of humor:



5. You have to make things seem more exciting than they are:



6. This is basically how you think:



7. You worry about this constantly:



8. Honestly you never know if you’re giving too much attention or not enough:



9. You have two moods:



10. You’re usually not down for this, though:



11. You describing your love life:



12. Your inner monologue:



13. But also you know this to be true:



14. This is honestly what you wish you could say:



15. An accurate description of your dating life:



16. But also, you feel this way about things:



17. Sometimes you can be just a little dramatic:



18. You are the guy in the pic:



19. This is your idea of flirting:



20. Story of your life:



21. Okay, fine, sometimes you get like this:



22. You and your friends have become internet masters:


Which one of these posts is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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