15 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks To Try This Year

Up until recently, I wasn’t a fan of “scary” things. Like, the Scary Movie franchise was still too scary for me. But, after growing up a little bit, I realized that spooky things can be kinda of fun. Sure, I don’t want to be scared ALL the time, but certain times of the year are okay for spookiness. And, of course, since we are so close to Halloween, we have to start thinking about all of the spooky things to do this time of year – particularly some spooky makeup looks to try.

The good part about having so much time until Halloween (a little less than two months, to be exact) is that you have all of this time to try out different looks to see what works (and what doesn’t).  You have time to think about what you REALLY want to be, and buy all of your beauty supplies. Even if you’re not a beauty expert, you can still try out some of these scary makeup looks and perfect them by the time October 31st rolls around:

1. A skull face:

It’s a classic look that’s also pretty easy to do! You just need a LOT of eyeliner, TBH. But you can totally rock it.

2. A zombie bride:

This is a simple look that is also spooky AF. Add a creepy wedding dress to complete the look.

3. This stitched-up look:

It will take only a few minutes to create this scary look.

4. Zombie mermaid:


Create a mermaid look, then add some fake blood to kick it up a notch.

5. This spider eye look:

The best part about this look is that you only need black eyeliner. I’m sure we all have some laying around.

5. Zombie princess:



6. Spooky fairy:

This one also only requires eyeliner, but you might need to use a lot. All you need to do is add black “veins” all over your body and you have a totally creepy look.

7. A spooky Annabelle-inspired look:

This movie was pretty big this year because it’s so creepy. Create a doll-like look, but make your brows look a little more…menacing.

6. A half skull look:

Don’t have time for a full skull? Or maybe you just don’t want to do a whole face look. No worries! just do have your face. Still creepy!

7. This terrifying spider look:

?Creepy Crawlers ?

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I don’t want to LOOK at this! Add a bunch of “eyes” for a spidery-y look.


8. Horned girl:

Add some fake horns for an easy way to get a creepy upgrade.


9. Creepy smile:

This is actually pretty easy! Use your lips as a guide, then just keep adding more lipstick to make a creepy smile look.


10. Blood tears:

You can easily just add some fake blood for bloody “tears.”


11. Ouija board:

WICKED OUIJA; I have come to do the devil’s work. ??????? . . I love Ouija boards. I had one sitting on my coffee table for 2 years and just replaced it with a huge Ouija board tray the other day. If you haven’t guessed by now, no…I am not superstitious so having a Ouija board out all the time does not scare me, it does not give me the creeps, and demons have not possessed me because of it. I don’t necessarily believe that you can actually talk to ghosts through it, but I also don’t doubt it. Do you have any Ouija stories? ✌? . . . . . . #creativemakeup, #aspiringmua, #makeuplover, #makeupaddict, #makeupjunkie, #sfx, #sfxmakeup, #spfx, #specialeffectsmakeup, #aspiringmakeupartist, #bearded_horror, #gore, #goremakeup, #gorybutlovely, #thehorrorhub, #5fingerssfx, #thehorrorgallery, #powdah, #freakmo, #mehron, #halloween, #sugarpill, #meowlzebub, #sunnymareno, #bodypainter, #bodypaint, #horrorhags, #horrormakeup, #halloweenmakeup, #muaosfxers

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Use eyeliner to create a ouija board on your body. It’s actually pretty easy!


12. Bat eye:

For a subtle look, add a cute little bat to your eye look:


13. Creepy eyes:

Don’t know what you want to be? Just go for dark eyes for a creepy look.


14. Vampire:

Try some simple winged eyeliner and a little fake blood for a vampire look. It’s super easy!


15. Fake scar:
Use this trick to create a fake scar on your face. It’s pretty convincing, TBH.

Are you going to try any of these looks this year? Tell us in the comments!

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