15 Tumblr Posts That Will Inspire You To Stay Single Forever

Now that it is officially (ish) cuffing season, chances are good that you have started considering how, exactly, you are going to go about finding a mate for the impending winter months. If so, you’re not alone! Many people spend the short period of time before winter fully hits trying to secure some sort of fair-weather singnfiant other to serve as comfort throughout the colder season.

But here is a counterpoint: Being single, actually, is pretty sweet. This is not so much because of the act of being single itself, but rather because the alternative can be, uh, not totally ideal. If you don’t believe me, allow me to present you with some hard, solid facts.  Check out these Tumblr posts that, whether you’re single or not, will most likely inspire you to stay single. Like, forever:

1. I mean. What more do you need to see?



2. Who can’t relate?



3. Like, even if you manage to get a relationship goals boyfriend, he’s probably just going to be rude as hell:



4. I mean:


5. This is…rude. But true, right?



6. It’s better to be friends with your ex’s exes, anyway:



7. Ahem:



8. It’s just hard to find the one, you know?



9. Like, what boy IRL will ever live up to this?



10. Who has the time???



11. And, uh, do you even like other humans anyway? No:



12. Um. Rude:



13. This checks out, logically:



14. Need I remind you of what can happen in a relationship?



15. Anyway. It’s cool to stay single!


What do you think of these posts? Did any of them inspire you to stay single forever? Let us know in the comments!

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