7 Ways To Make Period Sex Less Messy

When you think about period sex–if that is the sort of thing you think about at all–chances are good that it makes you feel a little icky. If so, you’re not alone. If you think about it from an objective perspective, period sex does sound a little unpleasant, what with the blood and penetration and potential mess it can leave. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. 

There shouldn’t even be any shame or stigma attached to period sex, of course–if you and your partner both want to have sex and you’re ready, you should do it without feeling embarrassed–but there’s no denying that it can get a little messy. Again, no shame! It’s just blood. Plus some of you uterine lining. Many people have it. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex while you’re on your period, but minimizing a little bit of the mess. (Even if only for practical reasons.) So, check out these easy ways to make period sex less messy:

Have Sex In The Shower

If you're already into shower sex, this is a great option. And, even if you're not normally into shower sex, it might be worth giving it a shot when you're on your period, since the water in the shower will help rinse the blood away before you or your partner even has to think about it.  Plus, if you're self-conscious about being on your period or feeling a little crampy, the hot water, steam, and smells from your favorite body washes can help reduce any stress you're feeling. (The sex itself won't hurt either, tbh.)

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Keep A Tampon In 

That is, if you aren't going to have any vaginal penetration. (Definitely don't try this otherwise; it will be painful!) If you have a tampon in, you can still totally have oral or anal sex without worrying too much about leaving a mess. Plus, according to Glamour, having anal sex with a tampon in can slightly increase pressure in the vagina, which means that anal (could be) even more enjoyable when you're on your period. Only one way to find out.

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Put A Dark Towel On The Bed

Or wherever you're having sex. This way, the blood that leaks out (it could be a little or it could be a lot, but it's best to play it safe either way) won't stain your sheets. Plus, when you use a darker-colored towel, the blood won't be as visible, so you won't forget you're on your period, look down, and freak out because everything underneath you is red and bloody.

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Try Doggy Style

Don't have a towel? Don't worry about it. Having doggy-style sex can help lessen your chances of making a mess when you're having period sex, since the area you're bleeding from won't actually be touching your sheets. And as long as you rinse off, pee (to prevent UTIs and other infections), and put a tampon in afterwards, you can feel free to cuddle to your heart's content without making a mess.

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Make Sure To Use A Condom

Obviously, if you're having sex with someone with a penis, you should always use a condom. But, for period sex, it can also be an extra benefit, since your guy can just roll the condom off to clean up (most) of the residual blood. He'll need a quick rinse afterwards, probably, but the condom can work as an extra shield, especially if your partner is a little skeeved out by the concept of period blood.

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Keep A Damp Towel Nearby

If you're super into preparation, try setting a pre-moistened towel beside the bed before you have sex. This way, you can easily wipe up afterwards without having to hop into the shower immediately after sex. It can also be a good way to give yourself a quick clean-up if things got really messy before getting in the shower.

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Try A Period Sex-Specific Product

Do you need to buy something special specifically for having period sex? Of course not. But, should you feel so inclined, you totally could buy something to make period sex easier, like Flex or SoftCup, which are basically disposable tampons that allow for mess-free period sex. This way, you can have period sex without even really feeling like you're on your period. Win-win!

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What do you think about period sex? Do you have any tips for doing it? Let us know in the comments!

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