How To Get Rid Of Butt Hair

So, you have hair on your butt. You know what? The vast majority of us do. And most of the time, the hair isn’t just on our butts. It’s also in them and around them.


We’re more open about the hair on our vags, but for whatever reason, butt hair is an issue that a lot of us don’t like to bring up. Some of us might think we’re not normal for having it while others might think that there might be some underlying issue if there are some strands back there. And then of course there might be some pressure from society or even bae to remove said butt hair that makes you feel like something wrong is you.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you have one random hair on your left butt cheek or your cheeks and all of the surrounding area are coated in a layer of dark fuzz. And you know what? At the end of the day, it’s just hair. There’s nothing bad hair can do to you.

Of course, I still get that there are people who prefer to be as smooth as a hairless cat. That’s cool. Just like it’s cool if you want to leave your hair au naturel. If you do want to remove your butt hair, there are some right ways and some wrong ways to do it. After all, no one wants to have a sore, irritated bum…even if it’s a fuzz-free one. Read on for tips and tricks on how to remove butt hair.

So, how do I remove butt hair?

There are a lot of different hair removal methods that you can try. Shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing are all good options. However, if you’re planning on removing the hair in your butt crack or around your vag, you’re going to be careful because removing hair could irritate or even injure those sensitive bits. Just imagine cutting your butthole with a razor for a second or experiencing a burning sensation down there from depilatory creams. Yeah.

If you only have a few stray hairs that you would like to remove, you can always look at them in a full-length mirror and pluck them away.

Those looking for more permanent options, could try laser hair removal or even laser hair removal devices. However, be aware that they aren’t cheap, they require multiple sessions, and they work better for certain hair colors and skin colors than others. Sometimes there are even age restrictions with professional laser hair removal treatments.


Do I need to go see a professional?

It depends on what type of hair removal method you go for. You can shave and use depilatory creams at home, but something like waxing is usually best left to the pros, especially if you’re removing hair from more sensitive parts like the area around your butthole and/or vag. Waxing can rip the skin, and no one obviously wants to rip the skin off of their hoo-ha.


How do I get ready to shave my butt?

Thankfully, there isn’t too much prep involved. You basically just need to make sure that you have a fresh razor and a good amount of shaving cream. And it’s usually best if you wait for a day when you’re not on your period to prevent things from getting messy.

Okay, so how do I go about the actual shaving business?

First of all, you do not want to do a dry shave. I know you might want to look in your bedroom mirror so you can see what’s going on, but you’re still going to need some water. Ideally, it’s best if you hop in the shower or bathtub to let the skin soak for a few minutes. This will allow the hairs to soften up and to open up the hair follicles. Therefore, it should make removing your butt hair easier.

When it comes to the actual shaving, use lots of shaving cream and go slow. And do not shave anywhere that you cannot see because you have no idea what you could cut. Normally, you can see to do a lot of your cheeks. If you’re having trouble reaching a spot, be very careful about switching positions because you do not want to slip and fall. In other words, do not do any yoga-like poses. Instead, get out of the bath/shower and head to the bathroom mirror/your full-length bedroom one to have a look. Take a bowl of water to keep the area wet along with your shaving cream and razor.



Are there any things I need to do after shaving my butt?

If you like to apply beauty products down there, you have to be careful about what you put on because they could irritate your freshly shaved butt. Strong cellulite creams or body lotions with fragrance could upset your sensitive skin. Same goes with self-tanners. It’s normally best if you wait a few days.

If you shaved your crack, it’s also a wise idea to stick with full back panties and avoid any underwear that goes up your butt. Ahem, thongs. Whether you shaved your crack or not, comfortable, cotton underwear and loose pants/skirts/dresses are the way to go.

What about preventing ingrown hairs?

If you’re concerned with ingrown hairs, try exfoliating on a regular basis when you pop in the shower. This will hopefully prevent your butt from becoming very itchy when the hairs grow back. Plus, it will encourage the hairs to come out of the hair follicle properly as opposed to under the skin. Just using an exfoliating body wash with a loofah will do the trick.


Have you tried to remove the hair on your butt? Let us know in the comments!

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