24 Tips On How To Make Your Dorm Room More Cozy

One of the reasons that dorm rooms need to be decorated so much is that without the extra decor, they look bare, boring, and kind of cold. When it’s bare, there is almost nothing about a dorm room that looks inviting. And it’s nice to end a long day of classes and homework by getting into a giant cuddly bed and feeling super at home. While you can’t have the giant bed in your dorm room (or maybe you can, if you’re lucky!) there are plenty of other ways you can make the room feel more cozy and comfortable. You just need to add some nice touches and get a little creative.

A cozy bedroom, for me at least, means a room that is full of warm lighting, lots of soft blankets and pillows, pretty wall decorations that make you feel zen, and some plants to make your room feel more relaxed and balanced. Making your dorm room a comfy paradise like this will make it easier to sleep in, sure, but it will also make your room your favorite place to be on cold nights, making long study sessions a little more manageable. Plus, the more relaxed you feel, the less homesick you’ll feel! Even if it’s not cold by you yet, it will be soon, so check out these ways to make your dorm room more cozy:

1. Make A Cozy Rug



Dorm room floors are typically wood or some sort of cold, hard surface – unless there’s an ancient rug there covered in germs. Either way, make your own rug, if only to put by your bed so that when you first step down you feel a little bit more comfortable. Plus, a furry rug like this just looks cozy.


2. Make A Big Blanket



If you want your dorm to look and feel cozy, you’ll need lots of warm blankets. You can buy them, of course, but it’s fun to make your own – it feels even more inviting when you wrap yourself in it (and it’s fun). This chunky hit blanket can be made using your arms, so no worries if you don’t sew.


3. Use Night Lights



Adding a lot of warm lighting in your room is a major key for a cozy space. Make your own night lights by putting fairy lights into a mason jar. It gives off a cool rustic vibe, and it makes the space perfect for Netflix binge-watching. Make as many as you want, and you can even alternate between jar sizing!


4. Drape Tapestries and Lights



Give your room a cozy boho feel by draping tapestries from the walls and ceilings to make your room look like a little cave. You can also drape fairy lights under the tapestries for a really cool effect that will give off perfect sleep lighting – it’s almost like snoozing under stars.


5. Make A Comfortable Desk Chair



The desk chair provided by your college is probably wood or metal, and most likely is uncomfortable. Make it much more inviting by adding a faux fur cover – or just replace it with your own DIY chair.


6. Place Your Desk Under Your Bed



Make your desk seem like it’s in its own little private  nook by sticking it under your bed, if your bed is raised. This cuts down on distractions since you’ll be facing your wall, and it also just makes the whole desk thing seem and look a lot cozier.


7. Make A Body Pillow



Lots of little pillows are a great way to make your bed look like the warmest, comfiest spot on earth. A body pillow is also definitely an essential, especially when you feel lonely and have no one to cuddle with. This tutorial isn’t too difficult and adds the perfect touch to your room.


8. Create A Boho Pillow



If you want to have some fun throw pillows on your bed, that’s great – it’s just that throw pillows are weirdly expensive. Make your own embellished pillow by following a pretty simple tutorial. Make a few of them to really give your room the right vibe.


9. Add A Welcome Mat



A welcome mat at your door just makes your room seem like a true home, you know? It’s also nice for days when it’s crappy out so that you guys don’t drag mud and rain into the room.


10. Make A Floor Cushion For Extra Seating



Floor poufs are one of the best ways to make any room look cozier in an instant. Unfortunately, they are also expensive – so why not make your own? Make at least one or two. They look good, they make great ottomans, and they are also ideal for extra seating.


11. Create A Flower Wall



Little touches of nature can really make a room feel more cozy, especially pretty flowers. Decorate your walls in a more unique way with fake flowers that will always make you smile.


12. Make Your Own Faux Fur Blanket



It’s hard to see a fur blanket and not want to cuddle under it forever. Make your own to put on your bed for the coziest setup ever. If you have a common area in your room, you can make another one for the couch.


13. Add A Hammock



A hammock is a great way to add extra seating, and it’s also just a nice welcoming touch. You can make your own, then hang it under your bed if your bed is raised.


14. Create A Headboard



One of the easiest ways to make your dorm more cozy is to add a comfy headboard. It’s great for comfort and aesthetics, and honestly, it’s not difficult to make at all. Add lots of pillows and blankets, and you’ll have the warmest bed ever.


15. Make A Dreamy Fairy Light Wall



Need some inviting lighting? Try hanging your fairy lights down the wall and then covering them with sheer material. It gives off the move perfect vibes. You can do this over your bed or against any other wall.


16. Hang Your Fairy Lights From The Ceiling



There are so many different ways to make your fairy lights give your room a certain coziness. One good tip is to hang them from the ceiling so that they give off great light and make it seem like you’re in a warm little cave.


17. DIY A Patterned Pillow 



If you want your throw pillows to have some personality, just use a potato stamper to create your own. Yes, a real potato! Do as many as you can, or even just use the stamping technique on boring, cheap pillows.


18. Create A Reading Nook



If you have the space, you should consider creating a cozy little reading nook. It’s adorable, it’s a great conversation starter, and it’s the perfect spot to go to unwind and relax. Your roomie will probably love it too!


19. Hang Your Photos From Fairy Lights



One way to show off photos? Hang them from fairy lights. It looks so cozy and nice, and it’s also just a really fun way to hang a collage.


20. Create a Faux Sheepskin Rug



The only thing better than a super soft rug is a super soft rug in the cutest shape ever. This fuzzy cloud rug makes the perfect inviting addition to any room.


21. Make A Furry Stool


This glam looking stool also gives off a nice feeling of coziness, especially if you use it as comfy chair for guests. You can also use it as a stacking spot if you want.


22. Make A Tapestry Your “Headboard”



A tapestry automatically gives off a cozy feel, but it does that even more when you drape it as if it were a headboard for your bed. It just makes everything so much more comfortable.


23. Make Some Faux Fur Throw Pillows



Fur throw pillows look so cozy and they also feel so great. Make a bunch of them – you won’t regret it.


24. Make A Light Headboard



A glowing fairy light “headboard” is so incredibly dreamy, and the coziest way to go to sleep and wake up every single morning.


Which one of these projects are you going to try? How do you make your dorm room cozy? Let us know in the comments.

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