17 Pigtail Hairstyles You Will Actually Want To Copy

You might have given up pigtails when you gave up wearing those little pajamas with the attached feet. Well, onesies for adults are huge, so why shouldn’t pigtails be?

Try to think back to the days when you wore pigtails almost every single day. You probably were so excited when your parents did your hair because you hadn’t quite managed how to work those hair elastics and that comb yet. Somewhere along the way, you learned to do your hair yourself and you forgot about the pigtails. Now that you can do your own hair, aren’t you curious to see what kind of pigtail looks you can come up with?

If your mind is drawing a blank or you’re not sure whether you could actually pull off pigtails, I’ve got some #hairspiration for you. Get obsessed with pigtails all over again with these 17 cute pigtail hairstyles you will want to copy.

1. Braided Pigtails With Long Bangs



This has summertime written all over it, but, you can still rock this hairstyle during all of the other seasons. Although, the sunglasses on head are optional.


2. Double Fishtail Pigtails



This hairstyle combines all the things we love about updos: braids, pigtails, and headbands. Best of all, it’s actually easy to do.


3. Short Pigtails



Ladies with short to medium length hair: You can still rock pigtails. Divide your hair into two sections high on your head and secure them with an elastic. If some of your strands fall out, it’s no big deal.


4. Wavy Pigtails



You will probably want to copy this lewk just for the fuchsia hair color alone, but those wavy pigtails are too cute not to try.


5. Twisted Pigtails



Just look at the gorgeous fullness on these pigtails. The placement also makes them look like our beloved side braids, but longer, and better.


6. Retro Pigtails



Still think that pigtails can’t be chic? This will change your mind. This look has a bit of a pompadour going on in the back plus a twist. And then there is that pretty brooch.


7. Loose Pigtails



Braid the ends of your hair then gently pull your hair above the braids. The result? Cute, undone pigtails that look perfectly disheveled.


8. Bubble Pigtails



I’m loving the star face glitter, but we cannot completely ignore those bubble pigtails. Sectioning off those long pigtails creates a cute look. Try it with colored hair elastics for a different vibe.


9. Double Dutch Braids Into Low Pigtails

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Now this is #hairgoals. You’ve got some double dutch braid action happening along with some easy-breezy pigtails. What more could you want?


10. Loose Braided Pigtails



Sorry, ponytails, but this is going to be our new go-to hairstyle. The loose layers in the front make the braided pigtails feel even more effortless. Bet you didn’t think that was possible.


11. Braided Back Pigtails



Cannot decide between braided ends and straight ones? Why not braid the back of your head and leave your ends straight? If you’re having trouble seeing your plaits, get a friends or your sis to help you.


12. Messy Mixed Pigtail Braids



Is it two stands or four? It’s actually two…that have been split into four…then fastened with elastics to make two tails. Don’t worry, it might sound complicated, but it’s actually easy to do.


13. Half-Up Pigtails



You don’t actually have to put all of your hair in pigtails. Putting a few strands in sections will do the trick. See this look for proof.


14. Easy Crisscross Braids



Braids within braids? It works. It’s actually no more difficult to do than regular pigtails.


15. Thick Braided Pigtails



Imagine if Queen Elsa from Frozen was a brunette and wore her hair in pigtails instead of a side braid. This is what her hair would look like.


16. Half-Up Pigtails With Zigzag Part



You might have worn a zigzag part with your pigtails the first time around. It’s time to bring that look back….with some glitter…and a vivid ombre hair color.


17. Pigtails Without A Part



Do you dislike pigtails because you struggle to get a reasonably straight part on the back of your head? Get rid of the part altogether with this look. FYI: It still looks amazing even if you don’t have blonde and red hair.


What do you think of pigtails? Let us know in the comments!

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