15 Little Things You Think Make You Weird But Everyone Else Experiences Too

Just in case you haven’t already noticed, let me be the first one to tell you that, sometimes, being a human can be kind of hard. Or, at least, it gets hard when you become a teenager and suddenly become confronted with the feeling that everyone else has their entire life figured out, and you, well, don’t, The bad news is that, while this feeling definitely lessens over time, it never fully goes away. But, here’s the good news–everyone else feels the same way. Like, everyone. Every weird, freakish, embarrassing thought you’ve ever had? Chances are, at least one other person has had it before you.

I don’t say this to tell you that you aren’t as special and unique as you have always believed yourself to be. You are special and you are unique, and you should never forget it! Rather, this should be a comforting thing for you, since it shows that the parts of your personality that you might have always viewed as transgressions aren’t really as big of a deal as you have always thought. In fact, they might provide some bonding material for you and a future friend (or  lover)! So, check out these things that you probably think make you weird, but, in reality, pretty much everyone goes through:

1. Experiencing this complex spectrum of emotions:



2. And this one:



3. Always feeling like…the friend:



4. Feeling this way about math class:



5. Doing this crap:



6. Feeling like this all the time:



7. And feeling this THIS all the time:



8. Getting obsessed with certain things, even though you know they’ll freak you out:



9. Always feeling like a true lonesome cowboy:



10. Knowing that you’re never actually going to feel comfortable opening any door, ever:


11. Doing this:



12. Knowing that getting a compliment–any compliment–can make your whole darn day:



13. Only having one response when someone asks “wyd:”



14. Experiencing the WORST FEELING EVER:



15. And, finally, knowing that you are but a real life goblin with no prospects and a burden to your family:


What do you think of these posts? Can you relate to them? Let us know in the comments!

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