8 Things Girls Should Stop Bragging About

I hate to be “that person” who tells you what to do, but bragging all the time just…isn’t cool. We all know this, but we’re also all guilty of doing it from time to time, since we all have the urge to make ourselves seem a lot cooler or more put together than we really are. It’s natural to want to come off as effortlessly cool, but there are other ways to do that besides talking about it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you’re bragging or just, you know, having a conversation where you’re describing your strengths or your wins (which is totally fine!).

If you want to share good news, then by all means, you should! Did you get into a good college or get a cool job? That’s awesome! I’m sure everyone will be proud of you. But there is a difference between sharing good news with others and bragging in order to make other people jealous. “I got into this school and I’m very proud of myself!” is a good way to share some news. “I got in a school that is SO hard to get into. I’m sure your school is good too, it just doesn’t have the same reputation as mine” is not a good way to share the news. Everybody has struggles and challenges, and bragging can make you seem conceited and immature. Honestly, it’s also really annoying and makes people want to avoid you. So, let’s try to avoid it. Here are some things that girls should stop bragging about, according to Reddit.

Spending A Lot On Material Items

It's awesome if you can afford to spend a lot on nice items, but that doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone how much money you dropped. Bragging about how much your price was can come off as rude and snobby. As pieceofgrass said, "How much money they spent on something. One of my friends told me, 'Don't go broke trying to look rich.' Now I live by that." If someone compliments a recent purchase, just say thank you - there's no need to throw in the price.

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Being Not Like Other Girls

For some reason, girls love to say they "aren't like other girls" as if that's a good thing, as if being like other girls is inherently negative. As thepapernautilus said, "Women who insist that they're 'not like other girls' and play up the 'cool girl' stereotype really hard, especially around men. It's obnoxious and mostly just looks sad and desperate." Don't tear other girls down so you seem cool.  It's not a good look.

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Being Controlling In A Relationship

Relationships shouldn't be about control or power. They should be balanced! As Lubinota said, an annoying things that girls brag about is "being in control of/domineering over their partners. Like bragging or joking about how she gets to decide everything and the guy is basically just strung along for the ride and bragging about how he pays for everything. It is the single most annoying thing ever, I can't even stand to be around people like that." It's manipulative and terrible.

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Fake Complaining

Sorry, but girls do this a lot. I even do it!  Tintarellediluna said, "I work with a girl that complains about the things that she's actually bragging about. Like every time I see her she's 'complaining' about another dude who is so in love with her. Complaining about something that is generally considered good always comes off as a little whiny and makes it sound like you're bragging in a sneaky way. You know how everyone gets mad when celebrities complain about how hard it is to be really hot? Yeah. It's basically the same thing as a privileged person complaining about their privilege. It doesn't come off right.

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Being A Bitch

A lot of girls have a tendency to brag about being bitchy or mean, which doesn’t really make sense. As Saratonin84 said, "Being 'brutally honest' or a 'bitch.' Sorry, being a mean girl and starting drama for drama's sake isn't something to be proud of no matter how you try to reframe it." It's great to be an honest person, but it’s not okay to be outwardly mean and then be proud of that - there's a big difference between the two.

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Forgetting To Eat

This is my biggest pet peeve of all time. For some reason, "forgetting to eat" is a common thing that people brag about. It might be a sincere or honest comment, but it can be super harmful to people around them. As tophshit said, "forgetting to eat. This is a real problem for some folks, and it's stupid to think poor nutrition makes you superior. There is nothing attractive about your body literally eating itself to continue normal daily function." Girls brag about this when they’re trying to act like it's a good thing to do extreme dieting. It might sound harmless, but it's basically making light of serious eating disorders.

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Not Caring

It's okay to not be interested in things, but not caring about anything is kind of rude. If you say you don't care about anything, you're implying that you don't care about friends, family, etc. It's not very nice! As PM_me_dirty_secrets said, "How much they 'don't care.' Like dude seriously. Caring doesn't make you weak. Showing effort doesn't make you weak." It's OKAY to care about things! You are human!

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Not Needing Makeup

Listen, if you don't need makeup, more power to you. But some people use makeup to make them feel good! Bragging about not wearing makeup doesn't make you special. As northpolesuperhero said, "I have a coworker who doesn't wear make up. One day I was going to dinner after work and as such was touching up my make up. She proceeded to say to me 'it is so nice having the kind of face that doesn't ever need makeup.'"  It's just rude!

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