16 Genius Tips On How To Wear Summer Clothes In Fall

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, which means that it is almost officially fall. Of course, fall doesn’t technically begin until September 23, but we all know that it unofficially begins when school starts, when pumpkin spice lattes return to Starbucks, and when Halloween mania takes over Pinterest. So, yeah, it’s basically here. And whenever you’re transitioning from one season to the next, it means something big for your wardrobe. As summer ends, it’s time to put away our tank tops, crop tops, denim shorts, sundresses, and rompers, and clear the way for some cool weather basics.

Or actually, maybe not. There’s no rule that you have to get rid of your summer favorites just because it isn’t 90 degrees out anymore. There are plenty of ways to wear your summer clothes throughout the fall that will get more wear out of the items and create some really cute looks. The key is layering, obviously, so that you can stay warm instead of freezing. After all, why should you have to store away your favorite dress when you could transform it into the perfect fall look? One of my personal favorite things about autumn is that it offers so many style options because of the transitional weather. Have a little fun with your pieces and learn how to wear them differently than you have been the last few months with these tips on how to wear summer clothes in fall. It’s good for your wallet and your #OOTD pictures.

1. Pair your favorite sundress with a sweater. 



Summer dresses are usually light, sleeveless, and airy – perfect for warm weather. So as it gets chillier, you assume you can’t wear them. All you need to do is add some layers! Wear your sundress with a cozy cardigan to make it appropriate for fall weather, and on warmer days, add sandals – on colder days, go with boots. A cute hat is the perfect accessory.


2. Layer a sweater over a dress or pair it with a skirt.



Another way to make your favorite summer dress work for chillier weather is to layer a sweater over it. Any knit sweater will look good worn on top of a dress, but this is also the best way (in my opinion) to wear a cropped sweater. You can also pair any of your favorite summer skirts with a sweater to make it instantly look good for fall. Tights are the perfect accessory to stay warm.


3. Let bralettes peek out under oversized sweaters.



You know those pretty bralettes you wore under loose tanks and dresses all spring and summer? They definitely still have a place in autumn. Wear your favorite bralette under an oversized sweater so that they peek out for a feminine look. It makes even the biggest sweater look a little sexier.


4. Layer a long-sleeve shirt under a dress.



Of course, you can always layer under a dress instead of over if you want to do something a little more unique. A long sleeved top looks just right under a tank dress. Add boots and tights for colder days, and sneakers for days that are on the warmer side.


5. Pair your summer jumpsuit with a blazer. 



That tank or strapless jumpsuit you wore all summer? You can definitely make it work for fall – it does have pant legs, after all! Layer with a fitted blazer for a more professional, put together vibe. Of course, you can always skip the blazer and opt for a long, loose cardigan for something a little more relaxed.


6. Wear your sandals with cozy socks.



Even sandals can transition to fall weather! Wear them with a pair of thick, cozy socks. This look is a little different, but so adorable. You can wear your socks/sandals look with a dress or skirt, pictured here, or you can layer the socks over skinny jeans to stay super warm.


7. Make skirts or dresses look more fall appropriate with a leather jacket.



A leather jacket is one of my personal favorite pieces for fall because it just looks like ideal October outerwear. Wear your leather jacket with a summery dress or skirt to instantly give it an autumn update.


8. Add ankle boots to a maxi dress.



A maxi dress seems like something you can only wear in the spring or summer, but that’s not true at all. Wear your summery maxi with a pair of ankle boots or combat boots to give it a more cold-weather vibe. You can also add a long sweater for a more boho look if you want. And, of course, ankle boots look great with shorter dresses too.


9. Add a scarf to literally anything.



A big, cozy scarf will make anything you’re wearing look right for fall – trust me. You can wear it over a summery dress, layer it over a tank top and add a sweater, or keep it simple with jeans. It’s the essential fall accessory, and if you don’t have one, you need to buy one now.


10. Wear an off-the-shoulder top with jeans and boots instead of sandals.



If you lived in off-the-shoulder tops this summer, you might be wondering how to make them work for fall – they seem tricky to wear under a jacket. You can pair your favorite OTS top with jeans and ankle boots to make it fit in with autumn clothes. Adding a cute scarf is definitely a great idea.


11. Wear your midi skirt with ankle boots.



Midi skirts aren’t just for summer. Give them a fall update with a pair of ankle boots – you can even opt for mid-calf boots that hit almost where the skirt hits so you’re barely showing off any leg. And I really love how a leather jacket looks with a more feminine, pleated midi skirt as well.


12. Pair your floral pants with a sweater. 



Floral cropped pants were a huge hit these last few months, and the good news is that they can work for the next few months too. Wear yours with a cardigan and button down, or a cozy sweater. You can add heels or ankle boots instead of sandals.


13. Layer tanks with plaid shirts.



Loose tank tops are a great summer staple, but they look just as good layered under an open plaid shirt – it’s a little more fun than just buttoning up the flannel. Keep the look perfect for fall with jeans, ankle boots, and a hat.


14. Wear your loose, light pants with a denim jacket.



Loose, airy pants are great for summer weather because they keep you cool – which isn’t exactly what you want in the fall. Make yours work by layering with a denim jacket, and you can also swap the sandals out for boots if you want.


15. Wear your denim shorts with tights.



Denim shorts don’t need to be stowed away ever! Wear yours with tights and boots to stay cozy. It gives them kind of a grunge vibe and gets you more bang for your buck.


16. Wear a romper with high boots.



Even a tiny romper can work for autumn weather! Wear yours with thigh-high boots to stay warm, and add tights if needed. A long coat or cardigan keeps the look relaxed.


Which one of these fashion tips are you going to try? What are your favorite ways to wear summer clothes in fall? Share in the comments.

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