7 Things To Do If Your Boobs Feel Sore

If you’ve ever had sore breasts before, then you’re probably aware of the feeling of being willing to do anything to make the pain go away. Soreness and tenderness in your boobs doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can be so incredibly uncomfortable. It also feels like there isn’t much you can do to make it better – they just kind of hang there, hurting, mocking you. Sore boobs usually happen during PMS or when you have your period (or when you’re pregnant), and they shouldn’t last forever – maybe a few days or so. Still, though, you probably want to make things better, and luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sore boobs hurt less. 

First of all, though, make sure nothing more serious is going on. If you notice your boobs get sore every month before you get your period, that’s normal and nothing to be worried about. If you’ve just changed birth control pills and your boobs seem more swollen and sore than usual, that could be from the pill and might be something you want to discuss with your doctor. If your boobs feel painfully swollen every day? You should see your gynecologist.

But if you’re pretty sure nothing major is going on, then you can definitely try some of these quick fixes to make things more manageable. Here are a few things you can do when your boobs feel really sore:

Avoid Caffeine

One of the most popular PMS complaints is breast pain, and one of the main reasons breast pain happens during PMS is because of the extra water retention. When you're getting or you have your period, your body may retain more water - AKA bloating - and that can leave your boobs feeling swollen and sore. So, you'll want to avoid foods and drinks that make water retention worse - and caffeine definitely does. If your boobs feel super sore, don't drink any caffeine. And if you know your boobs hurt at a specific time every month, start avoiding caffeine a few days before to try and prevent the problem a little bit.

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Change Your Bra

Maybe you've noticed that your breasts are hurting all the time, and not just when you have your period. Maybe instead of feeling swollen, they feel a little tender and kind of irritated. If that's the case, it could be because you're wearing the wrong size bra. A bra that's too big on you won't give you the support your breasts need, which will lead to the uncomfortable feeling that comes from, say, taking a jog without wearing a bra at all. A bra that's too small on you will cut into your skin, leaving marks and just generally feeling painful, as any clothing item that is too small on you would do.

Or maybe your boobs hurt during your period and you are wearing the right bra size. If that's the case, you might want to still consider switching things up. If your boobs are sore, you should try to avoid underwire - if they're swollen from PMS related stuff, the underwire could cut into them. You might want to wear a sports bra that offers more support and a little bit of extra comfort - just don't get anything too tight that will squeeze them. Make sure you opt for something comfortable that also has support.

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Don't Eat Salty Foods

Remember what I said about foods that make your body retain more water? Yup, salt is a major troublemaker there. You should already be avoiding salt during your period or when you have some wicked PMS, but if you're not, then start! It will help with the bloating and the breast pain. Of course, going a day without salt won't work miracles. You should start avoiding salt a few days before your PMS begins for the best results.

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Drink Water

It might sound strange to drink more water to fight water retention, but hey... bodies are weird. If your breasts hurt around your period, then start chugging some water. It helps with bloating and that swollen feeling, and can make the pain go away a little bit. Plus, water is good for you!

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Use An Ice Pack or Hot Compress

You know when you have sore muscles or cramps and you try to soothe the pain with an ice pack or heating pad? This also works with sore boobs. If your breasts are really tender and swollen, try soothing the irritation with either something cold or something hot. You could also alternate between the two. The heat will make you feel better, and the ice will help swelling go down.

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Be Super Gentle

It sounds obvious, but it's worth pointing out: if your boobs are really hurting, be gentle with them. Now is not the time to try some nipple play with bae. If you are hooking up with someone, ask them to be extra careful with your breasts - don't pull on them or hold them too tightly. Wear comfortable, supportive bras. Consider wearing a bralette or sleeping bra over night. If you're going to exercise, which is totally fine, make sure your sports bra offers lots of support, and maybe skip out on a workout full of jumping.

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Take Medicine

If the pain is bad and the natural remedies aren't doing anything, then take some medicine. Naproxen (like Aleve) and ibuprofen (like Advil) are great for sore breasts. Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) can help bring swelling down as well.

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Do your boobs ever feel super sore? How do you deal with the pain? Fill us in in the comments.

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