7 Sex Positions Every Long-Term Couple Should Have Tried Already

If you’ve been in a relationship for a certain amount of time, you might know that sex can get a little… boring. Obviously, you still love each other and enjoy hooking up, but eventually, you realize that you’ve tried every sex position there is, and yet you still stick to the same old one. There isn’t anything bad about sticking to a routine, but every once in awhile, you need to try something new. Yes, missionary is fun, but it can get played out pretty easily. You want sex to stay fresh and exciting, right? So why don’t you try something different? Who knows, you might like it! But, how do you figure out a new position to try?

There are, literally, thousands of sex positions on the internet. It can be hard to sort through them and find something that you would really want to try. Luckily for you, I’ve found the best sex positions that long term couples will totally love. These aren’t for your typical one night stands. They are for people who are willing to commit the time and energy into trying something new. Do you think you can handle it? Check them out!

The Kneel

This is a super ~intimate~ position that you and your bae will love. Start out by kneeling and having your partner kneel behind you. This might be a workout for your knees and thighs, but it will be worth it.


Happy Scissors

For this one, you'll need to be able to be super open (figuratively and literally) with your bae. Have them kneel on your bed, then you lay down in front with your legs wide open. If you don't want to be THAT exposed, keep your legs on your bae's shoulders.


Face To Face

Get realllllly close to your bae with this one. Have them sit up on the bed as you sit in between them, with your legs bent. Then, you two will move ~together~ to get it on.


Seated Top

This position is for any girl who wants to try being on top, without really committing to it. Have your bae lay down, then you sit on top. Then, have them keep one leg up, so that you can hump it. It might sound weird, but it will feel good!


The Squat

Only try this one if you are very confident with your leg strength. It will be quite a workout, but totally worth it. It's pretty simple, you just have your bae lay down and you squat on top. Hold on to their hands if you need some balance!


The Bridge

This super advanced position is perfect for when you and bae want to spice things up. Have them kneel and you create a "bridge" by holding yourself up with your arms behind you, like the picture. Your bae can help you by holding onto your hips in order to keep you steady. Then, you're ready to get it on!


The Wraparound

This one is for any girl who loves to cuddle and be super close to their bae. Have your partner sit with their legs open, and you sit on top, with your legs wrapped around them. Then, you move in a rocking back and forth motion in order to get it on.


Which of these positions have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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