15 Spooky Accessories So Cool You’ll Want To Wear Them All Year

So, now that September is in full swing, it’s time for us to start thinking about fall. I know, there are still a few official weeks of summer left, but it’s never too early to get ready for the best time of year. Whether you like it or not, fall is almost here, and it’s time for us to be prepared. Break out the sweaters and leggings, and put away your crop tops (sorry). Not only does fall mean cooler weather and PSLs everyday, but it also means that Halloween is almost here. Sort of. Yes, it’s over a month away, but hear me out: Halloween may come and go, but your spooky style can stay year-round. But, how?! It’s actually pretty easy.

Recently, being “spooky” has come back in style. I don’t mean that dressing up as a witch every day it cool (but if you want to do that, feel free!) but certain things like scary movies, spooky insect jewelry, even cat-purses have been more and more popular – and not just around October. You no longer need to wait until Halloween season to wear your spooky witch earrings or spider web rings. You can wear it year-round! Obviously, you can’t wear a zombie costume every day, but here are some cute and spooky accessories that you can and should wear all year.

1. This cute Ouija board jacket that will summon spirits:


Modcloth, $79.99


2. Who knew spider earrings could be pretty?



Betsey Johnson, $35


3.  A cat purse isn’t super spooky, but it’s very On Brand for Halloween:


Charlotte Russe $13.39


4. A cute vampire pin:


Nylon Shop, $8


5.  Some cute bat socks to keep you cozy all winter!:


Sock it to me, $12


6. A Scream t-shirt for a ~classic~ look:


Urban Outfitters, $29


7. Some spooky alien slippers, because why not?:


Urban Outfitters, $18


8. These cute cat ear headphones that can be both a costume AND help you listen to music!:


Tilly’s, $14.95


9. This studded skull bracelet:


Betsey Johnson, $38


10. These CUTE bat shoes:



Modcloth, $49.99


11. Or a ~fancy~ bat dress:


Modcloth, $59.99


12. This cool spider ring:


Etsy, $26.50


13. This vampire bralette:


Urban Outfitters, $29


14. A BUFFY t-shirt!!!!! Good for year-round slaying!:


Urban Outfitters, $29


15. A good, old-fashioned skull choker:


Hot Topic, $14


Would you wear any of these year-round? Tell us in the comments!

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