13 TV Shows You Should Actually Watch This Fall

Ah, fall. Crisp weather, multicolor leaves, shameless pumpkin spice lattes, turtlenecks…and TV. Like, a lot of effing TV. Sure, the TV landscape has changed and summer isn’t quite the TV snoozefest it used to be; the popularity Freeform’s The Bold Type helped prove that summer debuts aren’t just meant for filler reality shows and reruns. But let’s be real: Summer TV is still mostly for filler reality TV shows and reruns. But fall (like spring) is the time when television networks really pull out the big guns and offer a slew of new shows to us–greedy viewers, thirsty for a new show to livetweet–on a silver platter. This fall is no different. In fact, the offerings this fall are so varied that you’ll definitely find something you’ll actually want to check out.

From the return of old favorites like Broad City and American Horror Story (yup, another one), to fresh offerings like The Gifted and Nickelodeon dramedy  I Am Frankie, this fall has a lot of new adventures to choose from. Here are 13 fall TV shows that are actually worth watching. We can’t guarantee that you’ll love ’em, but we’re encouraging you to at least give ’em a shot.

American Horror Story: Cult

The newest addition to the AHS anthology is sure to be one of the most controversial yet. It's about the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election and reactions to Trump's (then) upcoming presidency. Fan favorite Evan Peters plays a gross alt-right type dude that makes you want to vomit, and Sarah Paulson basically plays your super Democratic auntie, and there are, er, clowns involved in some say, shape, or form. It's bound to be a mess, but a mess you won't be able to stop watching.

American Horror Story: Cult airs September 5 on FX.


Here's a couple of reasons to watch this reboot of the '80s classic: First of all, it's produced by the same folks who brought us The O.C. and Gossip Girl. Second of all, it stars Elizabeth Giles, better known as Jade from Victorious. Third of all, watching a show about rich people yelling at each other and getting into all kinds of drama is a great little escapism from real life. Whether it's over the top with the dramatics or surprisingly amazing, it'll be worth the watch to find out.

Dynasty airs October 11 on The CW.

The Gifted

We can't get enough of these comic book movies or TV shows, can we? The Gifted is a X-Men associated show about a family on the run from oppressive government forces after its discovered that their children are mutants with super powers. A lot of these super hero TV shows are really hit or miss, but we're hoping this one is an actual hit this time.

The Gifted airs October 2 on FOX.

Broad City

After over a year of leaving our screens, Broad City is back and is set to be as weird and sometimes awkwardly relatable as ever. Time for another season of figuring out which of your friends are more of an Ilana or more of an Abbi.

Broad City airs September 13 on Comedy Central.

I Am Frankie

This show is about a teen girl trying to live a normal life...except, she's half robot. I Am Frankie focuses on her rough transition into real life--boys, mean girls, school--with a dash of bad-guys-trying-to-destroy-her that any good android movie has. Let's see how well Nickelodeon can handle the dramedy genre this time around, shall we?

I Am Frankie airs September 11 on Nickelodeon.

The Deuce

If you're looking for something more adult to check out this fall, catch HBO's The Deuce. Starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and an amazing ensemble cast, this show focuses on gritty subcultures in 1971 New York City. From porn stars and pimps to waitresses and cops, this show is about working class folks trying to get by in an unrelenting city. Also, it was created by David Simon, who made The Wire, the show that any TV buff considers one of the best shows of all-time. Come for the interesting stories, stay for the weirdness of James Franco playing twins.

The Deuce airs September 10 on HBO.

Stranger Things

The show that pretty much dominated pop culture and Halloween costumes last year is back for a second season. Expect more '80s nostalgia, synth, and gushing over the show's adorable cast even as they get wrapped up in even more...strange things.

Sorry, guys, I'm not a comedian.

Stranger Things airs October 27 on Netflix.

Search Party

For season two, it's time for Search Party to get the love it deserves. This dark comedy about a group of Millennials who inadvertently become amateur detectives is like a modern day Scooby Doo, but arguably better and without the talking dog.

Search Party airs November 19 on TBS.

Mr Robot

Yep, that show that is always trending on Twitter is coming back, and you should take some time before the season premiere to binge watch the hell out of it. Seriously, once you watch one episode about this this vigilante computer hacker who bit off more than he can chew...you won't be able to stop.

Mr Robot airs October 11 on USA.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

People were initially skeptical of this show's title--Crazy Ex Girlfriend sounded like some sexist, out of touch dribble--but this sleeper hit comedy musical is actually really effing good. Binge watch the first two seasons of this show about a woman who is on a never-ending quest for love and adventure in a boring Los Angeles suburb before tuning into the season three premiere.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend airs October 13 on The CW.

Star Trek: Discovery

Whether you're a diehard Trekkie, you're a big fan of sci-fi, or you just want another show to watch, consider giving Star Trek: Discovery a shot. This newest addition to the Star Trek franchise is set 10 years before the original series and focuses on a war between an alien race known as Klingons and the United States Federation of Planets, which includes the squad of the USS Discovery. Nerdy or otherwise, why not give it a shot?

Star Trek: Discovery airs September 24 on CBS.

The Orville

If you don't want a serious serious sci-fi show to watch, why not give Seth MacFarlane's The Orville a shot? It's a blatant homage to the Star Trek universe, just with a lot more comedy involved. Unclear whether or not the sense of humor MacFarlane is known for (hey, the man created Family Guy) will be overwhelming in this series or not, but it might be worth watching to find out.

The Orville airs September 10 on FOX.

This Is Us

The show that I mostly know as "that-program-that-makes-everyone-cry-at-some-point-every-week" is making a triumphant season two return. Spoiler: You're probably going to cry a lot, as usual.

This Is Us airs September 26 on NBC.

What show are you most excited about? What other shows should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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