7 Inappropriate Hidden Jokes From Kids Movies You Never Noticed

Growing up, I’m sure you watched lots of classic kid movies so that you’d be distracted for a few hours while your parents did their “adult stuff,” like paying bills or taking naps or whatever. My mom always used to put a movie on whenever she needed had things she needed to get done – she’d put the movie on, then do her own thing for a while. My dad, on the other hand, loved to sit and watch kids movies with me, and I never fully understood why, since they were silly movies with weird plots that barely made any sense. And then, I got older, and realized that kids movies can be… dirty.

I don’t mean that they are explicitly dirty (obviously there were no crazy sex scenes going on), but they do make some subtle jokes that kids never notice, but parents find funny. I guess the writers assumed that they would have to keep the parents entertained as well. Obviously, kids won’t get jokes about sex or drugs at such a young age, but it does make the movie a little more entertaining for the adults who are forced to watch these movies. A ton of Reddit users found some of these inappropriate jokes from kids movies, and decided to make a thread of them. Check out these inappropriate innuendos from kids movies and see if you ever missed them. You probably did!

Affair Jokes In The Grinch

huesofelktongue said, "In The Grinch there's a scene where they explain that 'who babies' are delivered to their parents from the sky in baskets with umbrellas. One of the baskets lands in front of a house and the dad finds it and yells something like 'honey, our baby's here!' And then he takes a puzzled look at the baby and says 'looks just like your boss.'" Basically, there is an implication that the wife cheated on her husband with her boss, which is why their baby looked like him. Yikes! I would have never caught that.

Penis Jokes In Space Jam

ProjectShadow316 said, "Space Jam, when the therapist asks Ewing if there's anywhere else he has trouble 'performing,' and getting an emphatic 'NO!' from Patrick." I'm sure we all thought this line was referring to performing in a game of basketball, since that's what the movie is about, but nope! It's more like asking if he's had trouble getting it up in the bedroom. Oof!

Sex Jokes In Hocus Pocus

It seems like a lot of movies had sex jokes that went right over our heads as kids. Wislear said, "In Hocus Pocus, when the witches are getting onto the bus and Winifred tells the bus driver that they desire children and the bus driver replies, 'Hey, that may take me a couple of tries, but I don't think it'll be a problem.'" He's basically saying that they might have to get it on a few times, but he'll eventually get her pregnant.

More Sex Jokes From Aladdin

ace2049ns said, "In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, when the thieves raid the wedding. The ground is shaking because of a stampede and the genie says, 'I thought the ground wasn't supposed to shake until the honeymoon.'" Another sex joke! I guess the point of this one is supposed to be that the ground "shakes" on the night of the honeymoon, when the couple has sex. Okay.

Curse Words In Madagascar

I actually never saw this movie, but I know a lot of "family" movies like to subtly add in curse words. This is the case for Madagascar. As Maximus125 said, "I only recently realized that Sugar Honey Iced Tea in Madagascar stands for Shit."

Sex Jokes In Robots

I'm not sure why, but "making a baby" jokes were super popular in kids movies, which is pretty weird since the kids never really notice them, like this one from Robots. Dadoaesop said, "In Robots, the father is running down the street yelling 'I'm gonna be a dad!!!' because his son is about to be born. When he gets home, a delivery truck is just leaving, and his wife says 'oh, honey, I'm sorry, you missed the delivery.... but that's ok, making the baby is the fun part' and holds up the box they are given with the parts to build their child with."

Drug Jokes In Scooby Doo

I actually just recently noticed this one, too. Newfonehudis said, "In the Scooby Doo film when Shaggy says his favourite girl name is 'Mary Jane.'" If you didn't know, Mary Jane is a code for marijuana, which implies that Shaggy likes smoking pot. Yikes.

Did you ever notice these? Tell us in the comments!

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