6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go Commando When Wearing Leggings

There’s usually something that happens after someone goes commando. For some people, they decide they are never doing it again and they stock up on extra pairs of cute printed underwear so they never have to worry about not having any clean pairs. Those in the other camp discover that they love feeling the breeze between their thighs so they find ways to go sans underwear more frequently.

It might start with sweatpants when you’re lounging on the weekend and too lazy to put on any “proper” clothes. Then it leads to going panty-less with skirts and dresses. And then it will probably lead you to leggings. You’ve probably spent a while looking for a comfortable seam-free pair of underwear to avoid panty lines camouflaging your cute booty. So, the thought of doing away with underwear all together is probably pretty appealing.

Before you toss all of your undies and start wearing those leggings, there are some things to think about. Spoiler alert: Some of them aren’t so great. Take a gander at six reasons why you shouldn’t go commando when you’re wearing leggings.

Vaginal Discharge Can Cause Staining

Let's get real: Vaginal discharge is a thing that the vast majority of us have. And it's something that we have to deal with on a frequent basis. A bit of vaginal discharge on underwear isn't as big of deal because we can toss them in the wash, but on leggings it can create quite a mess...and sometimes it can show through the leggings.

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Your Period Could Unexpectedly Start

It seems to be Mother Nature's/the Period God's way that if you go commando, you're going to get your period. Same deal if you wear white pants. It doesn't matter whether it's not your time of the month, it will happen. Sadly, those leggings do not disguise period leaks the way a nice thick pair of jeans does. You've been warned.

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The Material Isn't The Best For Your Vag

Spandex might do wonders to your butt, but it's not the best thing to have near your vagina. That's why doctors are always singing the praises about wearing loose cotton underwear. Admittedly, you're still going to be *suffocating* your vag a bit if you're wearing underwear and those form-fitting Spandex leggings, but it's better to have the cotton material closest to your vagina than the Spandex.

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A Seam Could Irritate Down There

At first, the thought of a seam rubbing against down there could be sexy. However, after a couple of hours of that, I bet you would think it's the least sexy thing. In fact, it can actually become painful with the friction irritating your vag. There are some seam-free leggings but even those usually have some sort of binding where the material joins.

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Your Leggings Could Turn Out To Be See-Through

You've probably has the misfortune of thinking that your leggings were opaque only to realize that they fully showed your vag. Ugh. It can happen in the wrong light. It can happen when you bend over. And it can happen with an old pair of leggings that suddenly become threadbare without you noticing. It's less mortifying if your leggings are see-through and you're wearing underwear.

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You Can Get Camel Toe

No one wants camel toe just like no one wants a wedgie. It's not just the look, it's the feel of having all of the material between things. Yikes. When you're wearing underwear, it will at least create a barrier between your vag and your leggings seam to prevent the material from creeping up all in there.

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Have you ever tried going commando? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments!

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