6 Genius Tips On How To Meet A Girl On A Dating App

Being a lesbian is freakin’ awesome. We get to parade around town holding hands with beautiful girls, we could care less about what boys think about us and our bodies, and we get to kiss attractive, sweet, soft chicks! What could be better than that? Umm… I can’t think of anything. It’s the besssst. Can you tell I’m super gay?

Although this may sound like paradise to some of you, dating a woman can actually be really difficult. I get it, we women are intimidating. How do we ask them out? How do we get them to notice us? It’s terrifying, especially for anyone who is confused about their sexuality. You may be asking yourself, “Do I like this one girl or do I like all girls?” If you are asking these type of questions, you are awesome, keep searching. If you think you’re all the way gay, you rock! I was once a sexually confused girl too, and I understand the feeling! I started hooking up with random girlfriends here and there, then came out as bisexual, and now I am fully and comfortably gay and in a serious relationship with a woman. Let me tell you, it feels really good, too. So you may be wondering, “That’s cool and everything, but… how do I meet a woman?

Well, since it’s the 21st century and most of us are on our phones all the time anyway, I have to say: it’s all about the dating apps. There’s no better way to explore your sexuality than through a lesbian dating app. Sometimes it can be really tough to tell if a girl is being friendly or flirty, but with a dating app, there are no mysteries. Here are some tips and tricks for online dating that will get all the cool girls to notice you:

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Show Who You Are In Your Profile: Make your profile represent the real you. If you’re really into dinosaurs, express that in your profile. If you love math, let your inner nerd shine! Tell the world. Dating profiles should always showcase our weirdness and unique qualities. The more you are yourself; the more others will want to get to know you. I know that sounds scary, but it works like a charm.

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit You’re Bicurious: If you are unsure about whether or not you’re gay, don’t worry. Many women on lesbian dating apps are confused too. You should proudly display who you are on your profile, in online conversations, and face-to-face, even if “who you are” is sexually confused and bicurious. It’s easier to be honest in the long run and you won’t break any hearts.

Ask The Girl Out: In the lesbian world, everyone asks everyone out. It doesn’t matter if the other girl is more masculine than you or dresses androgynously. If you find her interesting, ask her out! If she disses you, oh well. At least you tried. Also, the more comfortable you get flirting with women, the more confidence you’ll feel! I promise.


Don’t Post Overly Sexual Pictures: You’re a beautiful woman inside and out. There is no need to post sexualized photos of yourself and your body. Do you want to date someone that likes you for you or someone that only wants to be with you because of your sex appeal? Stick to pictures that show who you are on the inside, not on the outside.

Be Confident and Funny: Confidence is an attractive quality for most people. You just signed up for a lesbian dating app! You are brave and bold already! If an attractive girl messages you and you feel clueless about what to say, take a deep breath and say something funny. Women are generally drawn to a great sense of humor. Make her laugh and she’s yours.

Have Fun! Hey, you’re exploring yourself! You should be having a blast! Dating women is awesome, meeting new people is great, and flirting is exciting. Keep having fun being your true self and don’t forget to laugh. This is a great part of growing up.

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