7 Ways To Get Over Someone Who You Were Never Really With

I will admit that I have been in quite a few fake relationships. When I say that, I mean that most of the time, the “relationship” was all in my head, and my crush was never actually into me, or they were, but got over it quickly. Let me just say that it TOTALLY sucks, but it’s not uncommon for you to experience this heartbreak. It can  be hard to get over a semi-relationship. I’m sure you know the feeling of being in a sort of fling with someone, and then it dies down all of a sudden and you’re left wondering what went wrong. It’s the WORST.

Even though you and this person might not have really dated, you can still treat it as a breakup, since that’s sort of what it is. You had someone in your life that you had strong feelings for, and then they shot you down, or started dating someone else. I get it! I’ve been there, mostly with celebrities who don’t know I exist, but the feeling is the same. There are some ways to get over it, though, and I’m going to help you through it today. If you are currently getting over someone you “sorta-kinda” dated, then check out these tips.

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