15 Halloween-Themed Tattoos To Get If You’re Obsessed With Halloween

It is September 1st. If you are like most people, you will take this as a sign to start thinking about various school-related things–you know, like, studying, bullet journal-ing, Harry Potter, etc.–with maybe a few fall activities thrown into the mix. (Apple picking! Pumpkin patches! Sitting on bales of hay! You know the deal.) But if you are a very special kind of person, there is probably but one thing on your mind–Halloween. 

In fact, if you really love Halloween, chances are good that you’ve been thinking about it since at least July. Of last year. But there is no need to get competitive here! Unless, of course, you want to get competitive, in which case there is one thing you can do–get a Halloween-themed tattoo. This way, everyone will know that you love Halloween the most out of everyone, ever, the whole year through.  So, check out these amazing Halloween-themed tattoos you kind of have to get if you’re a true Halloween lover:

1. This important reminder that Halloween is, indeed, forever:



2. This adorable mish-mash of Halloween-related imagery:


3. This spooky-cool witch:



4. This cute AF pumpkin spice latte:


5. This cute tattoo that’s perfect for anyone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas:


6. The super cool snow globe:


7. This chill as heck skeleton:



8. This spooky, bat-inspired bow:

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9. This ADORABLE Pokemon tattoo:


10. This cute li’l witch broom:

11. This…Jacktopus? IDK! I’m into it:

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12. This ADORABLE kitten who loves Halloween as much as you do!



13. This sweet Beetlejuice tattoo:


14. These bats:



15. And, finally, the motto:


Stay spooky for life!!!

What do you think about these tattoos? Would you ever get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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