20 Funny Tumblr Posts You’ll Laugh At If You’re Overwhelmed About Getting Older

Life is weird. You spend the first 20 years rushing to grow up, wanting to be older and enjoy all the freedom that comes with making your own decisions. But then, you get older, and you spend the rest of your life wishing you were younger. It’s… not ideal. Here’s the truth, though: there are a lot of really great things about getting older. It’s just that, usually, annoying responsibilities get in the way and make you forget that.

Growing older is stressful! You might get advantages like a later curfew or more money, but you also have to deal with things like taxes and student loans and the fact that literally no one gives you the benefit of the doubt about anything because you aren’t an innocent little kid anymore. It’s exhausting, and it’s easy to feel super overwhelmed and burnt out about it. But if you let those feelings take over, you’ll be miserable and bitter all the time, and anyone who is like that sucks, TBH. That’s why it’s important to laugh about the misery. And what better way to do that than to look at Tumblr posts? There are so many people on that website who totally get that feeling when you’re just over growing up. Check out these Tumblr posts you’ll laugh at if you’re overwhelmed about getting older – it might just make things easier.

1. When someone rudely reminds you your childhood is further away than you thought it was:



2. That feeling where you really want to just go back in time:



3. When old song lyrics finally start to make sense:



4. When you’re just trying to be happy but life keeps making things hard:



5. How you deal with situations you don’t want to be in:



6. Your fake attitude vs your real attitude:



7. How you decompress:



8. Your constant state of mind:



9. Actually, no, this is how you feel all the time:



10. An actual photo of you:



11. When you find out it was all a lie:



12. When you rebel:



13. Honestly, you weren’t prepared for this:



14. You start to feel like you’re ruining your future all the time:



15. Money is ALWAYS on your mind:



16. You think this quite often:



17. You feel like this every time someone asks for your life goals:



18. And this is your real response when you’re asked about your plans:



19. These are your biggest fears:



20. *Raises hand*


Which one of these Tumblr posts do you think is the most accurate? What’s your favorite one? Share in the comments!

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