16 Hilarious Tweets Only Tampon Users Will Appreciate

As someone with a vagina, I must admit that I was a little late to the game when it comes to tampons. I did want to use them, since they seemed so convenient, but they freaked me out a little too much. To be fair, it is a little bit of a scary concept. But trust me: once you get the hang of it, tampons are truly a blessing on this earth. You are able to function and walk around without feeling like you’re wearing a diaper. Sure, periods suck, but the fact that tampons exist make them a little bit easier. What also makes your period easier is the fact that so many vagina-having people can relate to tampon humor.


For some reason, talking about tampons is “gross” to people (cough cough, men), but it’s also super important. If I had a Twitter account when I was 13 and was able to see all of the relatable period tweets, I might have felt a little bit better about trying tampons. In fact, I’m happy that places like Twitter exist, so that girls and people with vaginas today can bond over how annoying periods are, especially tampons. If you want some ~relatable~ period content, take a look at these very funny and very real tampon tweets. 

1. I mean, we all know how fragile men are:


2. But look how STRONG vagina-having people are!:


3. And inventive!:


4. Wow, this is real:


5. It’s so amazing how afraid men can be of tampons, right:




7. It’s true!:


8. This very real period sex tweet:


9. You have to obsessively count hours:


10. We all just ~get it~


11. We gotta STICK TOGETHER:


12. No comment here:


13. It….happens:


14. Honestly, TBT:


15. But, I suppose men can use them too:


16. Anyway, we all know this struggle:


Which tweet is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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