7 Weird Things You Can Only Learn From Being In A Relationship

One of the interesting things about life is that you can read about a lot of things, but you really don’t learn them until you experience them. It usually applies to traveling, beauty tutorials, math, and of course relationships. I could go on about the importance of actually doing math equations as opposed to just reading about them, but I will save that lecture for your teacher and focus on relationships.

I’m not suggesting you cover your eyes and ears and wait until your next relationship to learn life lessons. There is lots of good relationship advice to be found from friends, family, and *shameless plug* your friends at Gurl and the Gurl Boards. It’s still very helpful to find out information, discover new things, and get help. But your relationship will be a unique experience and provide a greater understanding of the things you have diligently been reading about.

Of course I’m not going to let you go into your relationship completely blind. That’s why I’m here to fill you in on some weird things you will probably learn from being in a relationship.

What Random Habits Drive You Crazy

Do you have a friend who has a weird habit of smacking her gum or constantly spinning her phone around in her hand? You might find these things quirky, but they're probably nothing that will make you want to break up with your friend. Well, in your relationship bae might have some habits that will drive you absolutely up the wall. And they will probably be really random, small things you would never notice with anyone else...But with your SO, you will not be able to ignore them.

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How To Sulk Like An Adult

Remember how you used to sulk when you were a kid if you didn't get your own way? Well, relationships teach us the fine art of sulking as an adult. I'm not saying that it's the best thing for a relationship, but chances are you will experience it when either you or bae decides that it's necessary in a situation.

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How To Sleep Comfortably In A Single Bed With Two People

You might have shared a bed with your sister or BFF, but that will not be the same as you and bae finding room on a single bed. And even if you and bae both have doubles, I guarantee there will be a time when you end up in a single bed, for better or worse. Thanks, dorm rooms. Think of it as a lovable version of Twister and yoga. FYI: It's going to take a few tries to get it right.

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How To Say A Quasi-I Love You

If you've been in a relationship for a while, you will get to a point where you think that you're in love, but you're not quite ready to say the three words to bae. You'll probably be uncertain about how bae will react or wonder if you're confident enough to say the phrase. Therefore, you will come up with ways of sort of expressing your feelings without actually uttering the phrase.

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How To Predict What Your SO Is Going To Say

The more time you spend with your SO, the more you will get to know him/her. And there will be moments where you will know what bae is going to say before you even ask the question. Warning: You just might start finishing bae's sentences.

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How To Keep It Real While Being Romantic

There aren't many moments in life where you can lovingly pull a pube out of someone's mouth. Same goes for farting in front of someone and having them find it disgustingly adorable. That is what relationships are for, friends.

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How To Read Bae's Body Language Accurately

Have you ever read a book that was super descriptive about the way a person bit their lip and rubbed their arm before doing something? And did you wonder who would ever notice these things? Well, you probably will with bae. You might suddenly think that you have super senses after you start picking up on bae's body language. It's good to be aware of bae's slight movements, blinks, and shudders because they can help you get an impression of bae's feeling before he/she says something.

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What other surprising things have you learned from your relationships? Let us know in the comments!

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