16 Of The Sexiest Things That No Girl Can Resist

Given that I have spent most of my professional adult life as a sex and relationships-adjacent writer, I feel pretty confident that I know a thing or two about human physical attraction. I know what guys want (finding a girl who is “not like other girls“), I know what girls want (being exactly like other girls), and I know what anyone who may identify as any or no gender in between wants (a nice, aesthetically pleasing bullet journal spread so they can start the school year off on the right foot!).

Because I know so much about what humans are attracted to, sexually, I have decided to compile a list for the rest of you who may not be quite so forutnate. This one focuses on the ladies. (Gentlemen, avert your eyes! I mean it!!!!) So, check out these truly sensual, sexy things that no single girl will ever be able to resist. Trust me:

1. This sensual leg grab:



2. This dirty text:



3. Exploding a watermelon in matching Walter White jackets:



4. Getting intimate on the first date:

5. This face:



6. THIS face:



7. A tender touch to their thigh from a lover:


8. Bad horror movies on Netflix:



9. That ‘za:

10. Slutshamng Alexander Hamilton:



11. A relationship like this:



12. This one particular guy, apparently:



13. Also, this one:



14. This sexy playlist:


15. Vaseline, obviously:



16. And, finally, the ultimate orgasm:


What do you think of these ~sensual~ acts? Are you into them too? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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