14 Clever Tricks That Will Make Your Period So Much Better

If you are someone who gets deals with menstruation, then I don’t need to tell you how much it can suck. Cramps, bloating, headaches, messy emotions, annoying food cravings, and stomach pain can make anyone miserable, and when you add blood into the mix, it gets even worse. The solution should be as simple as using some menstrual products and popping a few Tylenol, but it isn’t. Your period can zap you of energy, making even the easiest tasks seem close to impossible. It’s exhausting, which is exactly why girls everywhere are always looking for ways to make that time of the month more manageable. 

Honestly, the best solution is to get in bed with some of your favorite snacks, cuddle with your pet, and watch some good movies. Unfortunately, this is not always in option. If you want to be able to get through class, work, a date, or a vacation (or really anything where you need to function properly), you need some tips that will actually work. Below are a bunch of clever period tricks that sound gimmicky, but really will make things better for you. They might not make PMS disappear in a matter of moments, but they’ll definitely help you feel more comfortable, like you can get through the day. Here are a few tricks that will make your period so much better:

1. Wear bikini bottoms instead of underwear.



Swimsuit bottoms are obviously made to get wet, so they’ll hold any leakage better than cotton underwear would. This isn’t a bad idea, and it’s great if you’re in a pinch, but the bottoms could also easily feel bulky and uncomfortable. Try this out if you’re really stuck!


2. Do yoga.



Exercise can seem impossible when you have your period, but yoga is great to try. It’s relaxing and feels amazing, and the right positions can be super comforting and not strenuous. Try these out to help with stress and cramps.


3. Track your period in your bullet journal.



Tracking your period and how you feel throughout your cycle might feel extra, but it’s super helpful. It can help you pick out patterns so that you know when to expect your period, and when to expect certain cravings, PMS symptoms, and more.


4. Use a heating pad for cramps.



A heating pad is one of the best things you can have when you have bad cramps. They soothe and help get rid of the pain. If you don’t want to buy one, you can easily make one.


5. Or use Icy Hot for cramps.



Heating pads are ideal, but what if you get cramps while you’re in school or at work? It’s not exactly possible to walk around holding a heating pad against your lower belly. Instead, try using Icy Hot. It’s supposed to soothe aching muscles, which is basically what’s happening to you. And no one will know you’re using it!


6. Use essential oils to help with PMS.



Not that into medication? Or maybe you can’t take a pain killer because you already took one, but it’s not working fast enough? Whatever the reason, essential oils are great for soothing certain kinds of pain.


7. Familiarize yourself with all the ways to get rid of period stains. 



Blood stains on our underwear happen to the best of us. Learn how to get rid of them quickly so that you don’t ruin your favorite pair.


8. Double up on underwear if you’re worried about leaking.



You know those first days of your period, when your flow is super heavy? If you’re worried about leaking, layer two pairs of undies that day. It’s not the most comfortable feeling, but it might prevent an embarrassing situation.


9. Stay away from certain foods that will make PMS worse.



Certain foods and drinks can actually make PMS symptoms worse – really salty things could make you more bloated and crampy, for example. Know what to stay away from to try and minimize the pain.


10. Wear period panties so that you can stop stressing about leaks.



Period underwear is great if you have a heavy flow – it helps stop leaks from getting through to your clothes. If you don’t want to buy a pair, make a pair. As long as you know how to sew, it’s not super difficult.


11. Know what exercise to do when.



Exercise can really help with cramps and bloating, but unfortunately, you’ll usually feel so tired that you won’t even want to do it. Check out the above tips to keep in mind so you know what’s best for when.


12. Know a whole bunch of ways to get rid of period pain.



The same pain reliever might not work every time, so being aware of a few different tips is helpful. Plus, it’s always good to know your options for serious pain.


13. Wear printed pants to hide leaks.



Paranoid about leaks? Wear printed pants with lots of colors. It will be much harder to tell if blood has soaked through.


14. Keep an emergency period kit nearby.



It sucks to get your period when you’re out and have no supplies. Stay prepared by making an emergency period kit and keeping it in your locker or somewhere at work or even in your car.


Which trick are you going to try? How do you make your period better? Share in the comments!

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