11 Weird Things Pinterest Thinks About Vaginas

In case you haven’t already noticed, there is a lot of bad advice to be found on Pinterest. There is a lot of good advice, too, obviously (if you’re trying to, say, make a bullet journal or study for the SAT, it’s probably one of the better places on the internet to be), but any seasoned Pinterest user knows that, if you want to get some advice or instruction from the site, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. This is particularly true, as I have learned over the past couple of my years in my work as a health and lifestyle writer on a vagina-heavy beat, when it comes to vagina advice.

Why, you may be wondering, is there vagina advice on Pinterest? Please do not ask me, for I do not know. I will say that none of it is actively malicious, or anything.  In fact, reading through various examples of Pinterest vagina advice will probably just serve to remind you of something you should already know to be true–you shouldn’t turn to the advice of random people on Pinterest as your main source for reproductive care and advice. Still, it’s interesting to know what’s out there!  So, check out these weird things that many Pinterest users seem to think are objectively true when it comes to vaginas. Please read them with caution:

1. That showering twice a day and shaving with “coconut nut oil” is necessary for a healthy vagina:


Could you try it? Sure. But is it necessary, and will it change your life? No and no.


2. That you should use deodorant down there and…lick your tampon before putting it in:



Uh. Please don’t.


3.  That eating coconut oil will shorten and reduce bleeding during your period:



Think about this. Like, really think about this for a second. Think about it again. How could this work, in the world, ever?


4. That trendy liquids



Sure, these things probably aren’t actively bad for your vagina. But your vagina is fine on its own, for the most part! Yo’d be better off leaving it be.


5. That squirting honey in your vagina will help deal with yeast infections:





6. That baking soda and water will get rid of your pubic hair:



Sounds dangerous!


7. That doing…this…will help keep your vagina “healthy and young:”



TO BE HONEST I am moderately-to-severely terrified of this!


8. That your diet can impact the way your vagina smells:



Like, it could make a MARGINAL difference. But your diet isn’t going to change the entire game for you.


9. That you should use baby wipes every time you…pee?



Just use toilet paper. It’s not that deep.


10. That an Epsom salt bath will “balance your pH:”



This bath seems nice! But, based on my personal experience, every time you see the words “balance” and “pH” together, the best thing to do is run. It doesn’t mean anything!


11. That garlic can help beat vaginal odor:











What do you think of this, uh, advice? Do you have any alternate suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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