14 Things That Explain You If You’re Not Like Other Girls

If you have ever progressed a somewhat-intimate relationship with a human boy, chances are good that this human boy has made the mistake of telling you that you are “not like other girls.” Guys seem to think that this is the crème de la crème  of compliments to dole out, but, if you are a girl who has other girl friends and happens to like being a girl, you will know that this isn’t exactly true.The subtext of it is that this particular guy doesn’t tend to think well of girls, like, in general, and now that they want something from you, they have decided that you are the special one. You know, for now.

But, of course, it is always possible that you are the kind of girl who craves these kinds of comments. You live for them, in fact, because the truth of it all is that you are not like other girls–not one bit!–and you have been waiting all of these years for someone to recognize it. And, now that someone has, you have fulfilled your mission of being the Girl Who Is Not Like Other Girls, and you may transcend into the ether and let your legacy live on for you. Or something.  Anyway, if this sounds like you, check out these things that TOTALLY explain you if you are NOT like other girls AT ALL:

1. Um. Okay?



2. Ah, yes, one type of girl who likes to wear a baseball cap when she works out, and one that finds caps to be distracting:




3. Stop this:




4. I said STOP:




5. Good for you!


6. Ah, food–the ultimate divider:

7. *Astral projects straight into Hell*


8. Yes, ONLY date this particular type of girl!!! No one else!!!

9. Cool?


10. Hehe:

11. This just feels rude to me, but what do I know?

12. No:

13. Bye!!!!


14. Ah, yes. That’s more like it:


Do you relate to any of these posts? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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