7 Minor TV Show Characters Who Deserved Their Own Spinoff Show

In every TV show, there are a few major characters, and a lot of minor characters. They get a few lines here and there, but they are never a part of the ~core~ group of people – and if they are, it’s only for a short while. Their bigger storylines usually only last two or three episodes, if that, and even then, they are often overshadowed by the big “hero” characters. Sometimes they disappear for weeks at a time, other times they’re just in the background, hanging out. It’s necessary for a show to work – everyone can’t be the main character, or things would get really confusing. That said, there are some minor TV characters who were much more interesting than the main ones. So interesting that they deserved their own spinoff show, to be honest.

While a lot of minor characters are forgettable, there are definitely some who never get the love they deserve. They have the potential to be an amazing main character, but we don’t know if they would actually make it, since we never get the chance to see more about them. UGH. So, I went through some major TV shows and movies to find minor characters that deserved their own spinoff. Read them below and let me know if you agree!

Jenny Form Gossip Girl

In a perfect world, Gossip Girl would have followed the plot of the book series, and they would have started Jenny's spinoff, It Girl.  But, we never got that book series turned into a TV show. Instead, we just got angsty Jenny and her raccoon eyeliner. Justice for Jenny!

Image Source: Gossip Girl

Isaac From Teen Wolf

I mean, he just disappeared at the end of season three and was never discussed again. Where did he go?! What is he doing?! Does he have a new girlfriend?!! We need to know! Now that Teen Wolf is ending, this is the perfect time to start a new series with their minor characters. Maybe they will bring him back for the finale, but I doubt it.

Image Source: Teen Wolf

Lily Evans From Harry Potter

We know a lot about Lily, but we never saw her when she was alive and living in Hogwarts. Honestly, we don't know a lot about the Marauders when they were in school. J.K. Rowling has written short stories about it, but we deserve MORE! They lived in such an interesting time and I'm sure they have very cool stories.

Image Source: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Shelley From One Tree Hill

Okay, Shelley was a super complex character, but the show didn't go super in-depth when developing her story, which would have been super interesting. She was a religious teen, who then decided that she didn't want to be a "virgin for life" and had sex with Mouth, another side character. This character would have been an interesting person to explore in her own storyline. She also would have been relatable to teens who were uncomfortable with the idea of sex.

Image Source: One Tree Hill

Black Widow From The Avengers

Black Widow isn't a minor character but you know what? She's the only one of the avengers who doesn't have their own movie. And that's BS! If Iron Man can have like 89 movies, then Black Widow can have at least ONE, right? Why is it taking so long?

Image Source: Iron Man 2

Dana From Zooey 101

Remember Zooey's first roommate, Dana? She was in all of season one, then disappeared without a trace. Where did she go? Honestly, she was pretty cool and would have made for a good main character for another show. She was totally badass and didn't let anyone treat her badly. TBH, she would have been a great role model for young kids.

Image Source: Zooey 101

Edna Mode From The Incredibles

A superhero fashion designer? Sounds like an amazing concept for a movie or even a TV show. Edna designed a ton of superhero costumes (without capes, duh) so I'm sure she's seen some stuff in her days. She could totally have some cool stories.

Image Source: The Incredibles

What minor character do you think deserves their own show? Tell us in the comments!

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