7 Hair Rules You Should Actually Ignore

When your hair is standing on end and no frizz product you put in tames it, you’re probably very thankful for some hair guidance. I know I am. Because if I didn’t have any commandments or suggestions to try out, I would probably rip my hair out in frustration. Thankfully, I have never gotten to the ripping stage (yet) because of good hair advice.

As much as I swear by some hair rules, the rebel in me does have to admit that there are times to break those rules. It’s like with fashion, makeup, and even dating. Sometimes, it’s actually better for you to ignore the advice and go with your gut. Because, really, they’re not hard and fast rules—they’re suggestions. And you’re not going to get punished for breaking them.

The worst thing that can happen when you break a hair rule is that you realize you made a mistake. So the next time, you can go back to the rule. On the other hand, ignoring that rule might give you better hair. So, don’t be afraid to experiment. Here are seven hair “rules” you should probably ignore.

Brush Your Hair 100 Times

Ummm...who has time to brush their hair 100 strokes per evening? Whoever decided on this rule obviously had a lot of time on their hands. Pun fully intended. Not to mention that they probably didn't know about RSI. Brushing your hair that much isn't good because it can cause breakage and it can cause your hair to become a greasy mess from distributing the oils all over.

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Switch Shampoos To Keep Hair Healthy

You've probably heard the one about how your hair gets "used to" a shampoo after using it for a while so you should switch things up. This is actually false. TBH, our hair isn't smart enough to tell how often we've been using a product. So, if you have a shampoo that you love, keep on using it. The only times you might want to switch things up is to treat problems such as dandruff or product build up or to remove chlorine after a swim.

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Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

Washing your hair every single can actually be very bad for it. That's because the wrong shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. And those oils are key for keeping your scalp and your hair healthy. Instead of washing your hair with regular shampoo, try to stretch your wash days by alternating with dry shampoo. And it's worth experimenting with this one for a few weeks. There is often an "adjustment period" where your hair adapts to not being washed every day.

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Do Not DIY Your Hair Color

I'm not knocking the pros at hair salons, but you can create some pretty amazing results at home with that bottle of hair dye. Today's formulas are more fool-proof than ever. Plus, we have temporary, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent colors to play around with. There are even hair chalks where we can get an awesome look without any commitment.

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Always Condition Your Hair After Shampooing

You might have heard about co-washing or pre-conditioners recently. They involve turning your hair routine around by using conditioner first. It's particularly targeted for people who have fine hair because conditioning last often weighs hair down when it's styled. However, anyone can try it and see if it makes their hair more voluminous.

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Avoid Oils If You Have Greasy Hair

I know, you probably don't even want to go near an oil if your hair gets greasy just by looking at it. However, hear me out on this one: You can still apply oils to your ends without it making your roots feel disgusting. The oils can help nourish split ends, smooth frizz, and protect against sun damage.

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You Need To Lather, Rinse, And Repeat

We've heard lather, rinse, and repeat so many times that it has become ingrained in us, yet, it's actually not necessarily. If you're using the right products, cleansing once should be sufficient. If it's not, try adding a bit more shampoo during your first wash and/or switching hair products.

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How do you look after your locks? Let us know in the comments!

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