13 Study Tips That Will Help You Ace The SAT

If you are preparing to take the SAT–you know, the standardized aptitude test that, statistically, doesn’t impact one single part of your life in the long run, but is still customary for all high school students who want to go to college–your first instinct is probably not to go on Tumblr or Pinterest. (Or, I don’t know,maybe it is. I don’t know your life!)

But, as it turns out, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Thanks to the aspirational bullet journal/studyblr culture that have taken over both platforms, Tumblr and Pinterest actually have a pretty hefty wealth of SAT study tips. Now, to be clear, you should use Tumblr and Pinterest SAT guides as a supplement to a prep course or book and not, like, the main studying event. (No studyblr will ever be as useful as a Princeton Review book, no matter how good it is!) Still, it could be a good way to get some out-of-the-box tips. So, check out these study tips that will help you ace the SAT when you take it:

1. Try to adhere to these general test-taking tips:



2. Flip through these slides for a good primer on what the SAT actually is:


3. Know where to get free studying materials:



4. Make sure you stay mindful throughout the test:



5. Stick to this formula to write a killer essay for the writing section:

6. Don’t freak out if you’re preparing for the writing section last minute, either:



7. Use Quizlet to amp up your vocab skills. If you want to really ~understand~ the words you’re learning, try to connect their roots. This will make it easier to figure out the meaning of words on the test, even if you aren’t totally clear on their meaning:



8. Use this aesthetically pleasing (and, you know, helpful) graphic to prepare yourself for the writing and language section:



9. Remember these essentials for the critical reading section:



10. And check out these tips for a more in-depth guide on making the critical reading section easier:



11. Use these (free!) resources to practice and prepare for the math section:



12. Treat yourself well the night before your test:



13. and make sure you remember the essentials when you actually take your test, too:


Are you taking the SAT this year? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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