15 September Bullet Journal Spreads That Will Inspire You This Month

Now that September is drawing near and summer is reaching its end, chances are good that you’ve got organization on the brain. Even if you don’t know it. September is a month that’s commonly associated with “fresh starts” and “improvements” and “new beginnings” and other vaguely inspirational buzzwords that sound great in theory, but are kind of hard to execute in practice. Of course, if you actually want to get organized, it might just be the right month to start up a bullet journal.

We love a good inspirational bullet journal post here at Gurl–perhaps you have noticed?–but September might just be the ebst month to actually take one on, since you’re likely feeling some sort of pressure to get organized anyway. Feeling inspired? If so, check out these September bullet journal spreads that will help you feel motivated as hell this whole month:

1. Use your header page as calendar space to keep track of major dates:



2. Or a full calendar:



3. Or, perhaps, a “habit tracker:”

4. Or, just use it as a space to place all of your favorite fall imagery:



5. What even us a September calendar without some acorns? Nothing, that’s what!!


7. And decorate the pages with these fun school-themed icons, should you feel so inclined:



8. This is another fun opening page for September:

9. And this is a good way to go against the expected Septmber theme:

10. You can also put an assignment tracker in there so you have one big master list of tasks to refer to, rather than having to search through each individual week:

11. Don’t feel like writing things down? Just use this tracker, which uses highlighters:



12. As with every month, try to dot each week with an inspirational quote or phrase to make sure that you don’t get too caught up in your daily responsibilities:



13. You can also treat certain pages of your bullet journal as a mood board:



14. It can also be helpful to make yourself a list of goals–just make sure that you keep it positive:



15. Above all, just make it something you know you’ll want to look at–after all, that’s sort of the only thing that matters:


What do you think of these bullet journal spreads? Are you going to try any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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