15 Tips For Having An Aesthetically Pleasing Bedroom

There are a few different types of “aesthetics” that you might have seen around the internet over the past year. Of course, there’s the ~plain and simple~ aesthetic that is super popular on Instagram. Then there is the “plant mom” vibe that I’ve been seeing on Tumblr. There’s also the cozy and cute aesthetic that is all over Pinterest. No matter what you’re into, there is a look for you. But choosing that look and applying it to your bedroom can be a little tough. Gone are the days of plastering Jonas Brothers posters all over our rooms – now it’s all about minimalist style and low-key, Instagram-worthy rooms.

It might SEEM easy, but having an aesthetically pleasing room is more than just keeping your clothes off the floor. It’s all about color schemes (or lack thereof) and room decor. There’s a lot that goes into it! You can’t have a good aesthetic if you have your underwear all over your room. You also can’t have a good aesthetic if you have the same bedding that you’ve had since you were eight. It’s time to go for a more grown-up and put together bedroom look, and if you need some help, check out these 15 tips for an aesthetically pleasing bedroom.

1. Go with all-white sheets for a clean and fresh feel:


2. Keep your desk and dresser clear for a minimalist effect:


3. Hang photos with a similar color scheme:

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4. Add a decorative pillow to your bed for a unique look:


5. Get some white curtains- they will make your room look brighter and bigger:

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6. Add plants for some ~life~:


7. Add lights (duh) for a classically comfy room:


8. If you want color, pick a color scheme and stick to it, like pastel blue, or something that goes good with white, and make it subtle:

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9. Or add a neon light:


10. Add a fuzzy blanket which is, for some reason, a huge thing right now:

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11. Add pink accents for a pop of color:

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12. Keep your bed low to the ground, which is also really trendy right now:


13. Put some clothes with similar color scheme on display:

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14. Use a metal rack to hang some ~trendy~ art:


15. Try an elegant headboard for a pretty look:


What do you think about these tips? Tell us in the comments!

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