15 Simple Ways To Make Your Notes Look Better

Odds are pretty good that you have either already started or are going to be starting school within the next week or so. First of all: I’m sorry. I know this is a horrible time of year for you. Second of all: don’t cry. It WILL be okay. Sure, you’ve spent the entire summer doing nothing but watch Riverdale and taking beach naps, but it’s actually time to get back to business. And now, you have tests coming up (yikes) and you need to be sure you’re on top of your game. That means you need to get back into note-taking mode. Typing on a laptop might be fast and easy, but writing things out will always help you study more efficiently. Notes can be time-consuming, but if you become an expert notetaker, it actually makes school a lot easier.

Take it from me, a really messy girl with terrible handwriting: if you have clean and neat notes, your schoolwork and grades will be a lot better. Good notes are organized and legible, which means that they are easy to read and study from, which means that you will totally ace your next test. You go girl! School is important, and it all starts with organized notes, believe it or not. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, you just need to really commit to it. If you think you’re ready to commit to a life of pretty, Pinterest-worthy notes, you need to check out these tips for making your notes look AMAZING:


1. Write down all of the main points in larger handwriting. Not only will it help you remember, but it will look more organized.


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2. Use Washi tape to help highlight the important things:


3. Make a flow chart and stick to a color theme:


4. Make diagrams and pictures. They are a lot prettier than a block of text and a lot easier to look at when studying:


5. Basically, listen to what this girl is saying:



6. Try and used a grid notebook. It can actually help keep your work more organized because it makes things more orderly:


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7. Write keywords in different colors. It’s pretty AND efficient:


8. Break your notes up into sections. It’s easier to read, which is lot less intimidating for when you are studying:


9. Using abbreviations will help you write faster and help your notes look a lot cleaner:



10. Use unique titles for your subjects so you can differentiate them:


11. Draw pictures to help if you’re a visual learner. This is especially good for English and History notes:


12. Use colorful post-its to brighten up your notebook:


13. Make an index in the beginning of a notebook so that you can find what you need really easily:


14. Create index “cards” on the pages of your notebook rather than actual cards:


15. Or, make an outline. It lets you see all the important stuff quickly!

What are your note taking tips? Tell us in the comments!

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