7 Chair Sex Positions You Need To Try Tonight

Odds are good that you have a bed in your room. It’s just, you know, one of those things that people have. You know what’s another thing that people have? Chairs. Whether you live in a dorm or at home with your mom, you’re bound to have a couple chairs hanging around the house. And, if you do, then that means you have a brand new place to have sex, besides your bed. I know! It sounds ambitious. But it’s worth it. If you think about it, bed sex is so 2016. It’s 2017, we are experimenting with all new and exciting ways to get it on, and having sex on a chair is the new challenge you need to try.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having sex in a bed, but it can get a little boring after a while. Plus, if you live in a dorm, you might be on a bunk bed, which can make sex REALLY hard, whether you’re on top or bottom (pun intended!). So, the perfect solution is to either have sex on the floor, or have sex on a chair. Since a floor could give you bad rug burn, I suggest a chair. If you want to try out some cool new sex positions, take a look at these unique chair sex positions that you should try out ASAP.  Have fun!

Edge Of Heaven

This is a pretty simple chair sex position, but it's perfect for hitting your g-spot. Have your bae sit on a chair, and then you sit on top, keeping your legs semi-bent. You can use the back of the chair to hold in for balance, or to help you move closer to your bae.


Seated Bell

This one can be done on a chair or the floor. If you do it on a chair, have your bae sit down and you sort of squat over them with your back to them. This different angle of penetration will be a little tricky, but you can do it! Try to keep your legs bent (if the chair is big enough) and hold on to your bae for balance.


The Basket

Okay, you want to be sure that your bae can hold you with this one. They sit first on a chair, then  spread their legs as you sit in between them. Then, you raise your legs up over their shoulders, having them hold you by your back so you don't fall. This one seems fun, just be super careful!


The Perch

This one is like the seated bell, but it's a little easier since you have your legs on the ground for balance. Simply have your bae sit and you sit on top, with your back to them. You'll have to do the work here, but I think you can handle it.


Galloping Horse

Disclaimer: be super cautious with this one, since you are taking up a lot of space and might hit your head or something. But, if you think of it like having you and your bae make an "X" on a chair, it makes a lot of sense. Have them sit down first with their legs out, and you do the same.


Melody Maker

For this one, you'll need a chair without any armrests, or even just an ottoman. Lay all the way down with your neck and head hanging off and have your bae get on top. You can do that weird hand thing that they are doing in the illustration, but I don't think that really matters, TBH.


The Plow

For this last position, you can use either a chair or a bed, but a chair might be a little bit higher, which can make it a little bit easier. Keep your elbows on a chair as your bae holds your legs in a "wheelbarrow" type sex position. You might want to throw a pillow or blanket under your elbows so you don't get hurt!


Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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