7 Weird Sex Terms You Didn’t Know Existed

I’m sure you like to consider yourself a sexpert, not only because you’re a strong, independent lady with a ton of sex knowledge, but also because you read Gurl.com, which is the best source for sex tips, obviously. You know all the latest sex positions and can give the best blow job EVER, so, yeah, you’re good at this. But, obviously, as time goes on, there are some terms that seem to appear out of nowhere. And a lot of the time, many people don’t have any idea what they mean. Right now, I am learning a ton of sex terms that I didn’t know existed.  Not only did they make me feel a little old, but they made me feel a little…confused. Sure, I’ve heard the terms “sexting” and “ghosting” but I have no effing idea what a “slut drawer” is. If you don’t either, it’s okay. Read on.

Some of these terms aren’t well known, since it can feel a little taboo talking about sex IRL. But, they are pretty good slang terms to use over text when you don’t want to be explicit talking about sex.  So, instead of saying “sorry I’ll be late to dinner because I’m having sex with my crush” you can just say “sorry, to postbone dinner.” Don’t know what that means? No worries,  I will explain in a minute. If you want to be on top of all the newest sex terms, take a look at these weird ones that you might have to start using.


You know, post-boned AKA post sex. This term is supposed to be used if you are late to someplace because of sex. Yeah, it's a little weird, but you never know if you're going to be late to an event because you're doing it, and now you have a word for it!

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Have you ever had sex with someone who looks exactly like someone else? This is the term for that. Maybe you've hooked up with a Harry Styles look-alike or something. Who knows. But they would be Harry Styles' dopplebanger. Get it? Also, if you're having sex with a Harry Styles Dopplebanger, good for you.

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Do you know a dude who is always talking about how he such a ~big penis~ or sleeps around a lot? That is a Pornocchio, AKA someone who lies about their sexual past. It's pretty silly but actually common! I don't know why people lie about their sexual history, but they do.

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Slut Drawer

I know that a lot of people have a "slut drawer." It's a fancy name for the drawer where you keep all of your ~sex~ things, like lube, fancy underwear, and sex toys. But NO, having lingerie and sex toys doesn't make you a slut, okay?

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Not only is voguing a dance move, but it's also the term for when you're having sex in front of a mirror and you catch a glimpse of yourself and try to look good. TBH, you might not look good. Sorry. It's a hard thing to do while having sex! You're sweaty and your hair is all over the place. Just try not to think about it.

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This is perhaps my favorite term. A sexorcism happens following a breakup, when you have sex with someone else in order to exorcise the demons of your past love out of your body. Nice. As we all know, most boys are demons, so if you're having sex with guys, this one really hits home.

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This is basically another word for horny, but in a more antsy way. It's when you are really trying to have sex, and you'll just sort of do it with anyone (or by yourself). No shame! Just be safe, okay?

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Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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