7 Little Things That Are Making Your Room Look Messy

Have you ever had one of those days where you do everything you can think of to clean your room–empty the trash, fold your laundry, and maybe even whip out the vacuum and go to town on your carpet–only to find that, when you finish, the cleaning didn’t really stick? Like, it’s either in the same exact state it was before you started cleaning within a day or so, or, even worse, there seems to have only been a marginal difference made immediately after cleaning. We’ve all been there, I think (unless I am projecting my own experiences onto you, which I have done before and for which I will never apologize!) and, to be quite frank with you, it sucks. No one wants to feel like their hard work has been negated!

But, as it turns out, the reason for it is much simpler (and, in a way, more complicated) than it seems. There are probably a bunch of things in your bedroom that you don’t really notice as separate, individual components of your because you’re so used to them. But, when they all come together, they can contribute to making your room look untidier than it actually is. The good news it that this is easily fixed. So, check out these little, surprising things that are making your room look much messier than it needs to be:

An Unmade Bed

Making your bed every morning is a surprisingly easy way to make the rest of your room seem neater, because it creates a semblance of order in the room, even if it's otherwise kind of messy. Plus, there's some research that shows that making your bed every morning makes you happier and more productive, so...might be worth a shot!

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Storing Random Things On Your Bed

Look, we all do this from time to time, whether the bed is made or not. It could be laundry, it could be books, it could be your homework from last year that's somehow gotten pushed between your bed and the wall and you've gotten too lazy to deal with. So, uh, try to clear them off sooner rather than later.

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Bags Of Laundry

As someone who is currently in possession of the same ratty, falling apart laundry bags that I've had since, college, I might not be the best example here. (I'm trying to be better! I swear!) Still, if you use laundry bags too, it might be worth switching to a sturdier hamper or canvas bag that you won't mind looking at every day. Basically, try to think of your laundry receptacle as decoration--once you do this, you'll be much happier to have it in your room.

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Empty Cups

It can be easy to bring cups (and maybe plates and bowls, too) up to your room and kind of forget they exist after you're done using them. Try not to do this! You can leave a glass of water by your bed, of course, but try to make a habit of bringing your dishes down as soon as you're done using them. Otherwise, they'll create clutter and weird rings on your nightstand that you won't be able to wash off. (I've been there!)

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Random Piles Of Stuff

Obviously, you probably already know that having random piles of stuff in your room isn't doing you any favors as far as tidiness is concerned. But even if you have neat piles--like stacks of paper on your desk--it could be contributing to an overall feeling of chaos. Instead, make it a priority to shelve or toss anything that might otherwise end up as clutter.

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Having Your Dresser Drawers Ajar

This is a small thing, but it's pretty important--you know that vague, unsettled feeling you get when your dresser drawers are somewhat ajar? Particularly if you have some clothes poking out of them? Yeah. Fold them. Close your drawers neatly. Make it a habit. You'll feel better!

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Not Having A Spot For Everything

If you're anything like me, you have a vague pile in some corner of your room that consists of things that you use (or want to use) regularly enough, but don't really have a designated spot to place them in. You can change this! Place hooks around the room for bags and jackets,  clear off space on a dresser for makeup, buy a drawer for tech stuff, and get more hangers or some under-bed containers for extra clothes.

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if you can’t think of a placement for something, it might not need to be in your room.

Were you surprised by any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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