18 Unique Space Tattoos You’ll Want To Get Right Now

I’m not sure if you knew this, but space is really having a moment right now. Maybe it’s because stars are pretty and fun, maybe it’s because zodiac signs are really in right now, or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Earth has become the worst place in the universe, and everyone is making their escape plans. Whatever your reasoning is, liking space is pretty freaking trendy right now, which is perfect, since space art is the best art. I mean, there is so much to chose from! Stars, planets, space monsters…all of these things are super cool, and they make great tattoos.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about what type of tattoo to get for a while, but you haven’t found the right one for you. It’s okay, picking a tattoo is a huge decision. But maybe you should consider going spacey and getting a space-themed tattoo. Hear me out: other trends will come and go, but space will, quite literally, always be there. So, in a way, getting a spaced-themed tattoo is pretty smart! If you need help, check out these awesome space tattoos for inspiration.

1. This spaceship/cactus…two trends in ONE!:

? Bye humans ?

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2. Some fancy planets:


3. This super pretty “head space” tattoo:


4. This delicate heart planet:


5. This simple moon:


6. These moon phases!

Handpoked for gabi ?? Thank you ! ???????

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7. This super pretty ~cosmos~ tatt:

||~ delicate cosmos piece from the other day~ here’s some cool little wisdom to go with this one|| ~~ “The hand is a powerful part of your body, not only because it allows you to reach, grab, grapple and select, but because each individual finger is a conduit of universal energy, flowing from the cosmos into, or out of you. Your right hand rules your masculine energy and your left is represents your feminine side. Here are some traits of both: Left: Intuitive, Caring, Artistic, Nurturing, Soft, Gentle, Receiving Right: Assertive, Constructive, Destructive, Foreceful, Powerful, Active, Giving Each finger is associated with a specific ruling planet, if you wear a ring on a finger you will amplify the planet’s beneficial or troublesome energy – depending on your own Destiny and choice of stone. Let’s have a look at which planet rules each finger: Thumb: The thumb is not governed by a planet but because it is rooted between both Venus and Mars it rules your ego self, will and logic. You may wear rings here for: self assuredness, strength of character identity, taking a solo journey Index: The index finger is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity. You may wear rings here for: new opportunities, financial winfalls, lucky breaks Middle: The middle finger is governed by Saturn, often refered to as the great teacher of the Zodiac. You may wear rings here for: being focused and true to your own path, being rewarded for your in methodical work, being steadfast Ring: The ring finger represents the Sun. The sun is how you are seen and what is shown. It is linked to your authentic self. You may wear rings here for: powerful commitments of the heart, aligning heart space energy, a life encompassing agreement Little: The little finger is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communicaion, ideas and thought. You may wear rings here for: being inspired with new ideas, perfecting your mental process, clear communication” ~ Todd Savvas

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8. This planet/rocket combo:

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9. A matching Toy Story tatt:


10. A tiny constellation:

Plenty of little stars! #smalltattoo #startattoo #tattooquebec

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11. This pretty minimalist space tattoo:

⭐️☁️? 키우시는 고양이 이름으로 평생 잊지않기위해 새기신 별구름달입니다!

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12. A space kitty:


13. If you want to match with your BFFs, try this:


14. This VERY intricate girl with the universe in her head (poetic!):


15. This cute space in a jar:

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16. This super cool space hair:


17. This cute galaxy ghost:


18. This REALLY COOL Hogwarts in space:


Do you want a space tattoo? Tell us in the comments!

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