Quiz: Which Riverdale Character Are You?

Like a lot of people, I have, over the course of 2017, managed to cultivate a strong and lusty passion for the CW teen drama Riverdale. In a way, I feel that I have always been fated to love this show, given that I have always loved shows in which twenty-something actors try to convincingly play high schoolers, and any show that is not on the CW is, in my opinion, trash. But Riverdale, for what it is worth, is very good in that specific campy, occasionally eye roll-worthy, no-real-teen-would-ever-act-like-this kind of way. I love how hot the cast is! I love the blue and pink neon lighting that everyone on the show is constantly bathed in! I love that it is probably the only good comedy show on TV right now! (For example, in the first episode, Veronica calls Archie the “redheaded Ansel Elgort,” which is the greatest comedic writing I have seen in years!)


Anyway, if you are anything like me, and you are also obsessed with Riverdale and you are also re-watching every episode over and over again until the show’s premiere, you have probably spent some time wondering which Riverdale character you would be if you were on the show. So, take this quiz to find out which Riverdale character you really are:


Which result did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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