7 Warnings About Low Rise Jeans That You Need To Know

Now that early 2000s fashions are slowly starting to become trendy again, it was only a matter of time before the ultimate trend of the era rears its ugly head once more: Low rise jeans. As someone who experienced my formative years in the 2000s, low rise jeans were my bread and butter. I knew nothing but low rise jeans, preferably with a bit of a boot cut flare thrown in. But after embracing the high waist pants trend for a few years now, I can safely say never again those dark times.

Hindsight is 20/20, okay? And when I look back on my low rise pants days, I remember all the times I had to make sure my butt crack wasn’t showing or hoping my underwear wasn’t riding up. Sure, some low rise pants still look amazing, especially in a gimmicky kind of way. But are they worth the discomfort? Personally? Naw. Sorry, I can’t even wear anything that isn’t high waisted without feeling like my pants are falling down! But, hey, it’s only a matter of time before high waist pants are shoved to the side to make room for their low rise cousins once more. You might have little option but to buy low rise pants someday soon, and maybe you just want to keep up with the trends. Whatever the reason, you need to be prepared before you jump right into this look. So take heed to these seven warnings about low rise jeans. You’ll be glad you did; I’m saving you from a serious wardrobe malfunction, sis.

You'll Have To Pull Up Your Jeans All The Time

Without fail, I had to pull up my jeans constantly when I wore low rise jeans as a teenager. It was such a pain in the ass but necessary if I wanted to avoid showing off my butt crack to the universe. If you're okay with some booty crack airflow, then maybe this won't be a concern. But if you'd rather not be a wardrobe malfunction anytime you sit down...you might want to reconsider this trend.


The Hem Of Your Jeans Get Disgustingly Dirty

Yo, nobody ever talks about this but anyone who wore low rise jeans growing up can attest to this: They get disgustingly dirty, really quickly if they have even a hint of flare on 'em. The thing is, low rise jeans tend to drag a lot more than your high waist jeans do. The hem will often drag on the ground and end up looking super filthy, and they'll also fall apart and create holes and frays if you wear 'em out a ton. Be weary.

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It Can Look And Feel Awkward If You Don't Want Your Belly/Sides Exposed

I'm going to be frank: I personally don't like the idea of having my belly exposed for all to see. I like the way that high waisted jeans tuck in my midsection to a smooth finish. My love handles definitely don't disappear, but they're not on display for everyone to see. If you're comfortable with that--no matter what size you are--congrats! But if you're not, please know that low rise jeans really don't leave a lot to the imagination.

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Your Crop Tops Will Look Ten Times More Cropped

I love crop tops, and in my opinion they're a match made in heaven with high waist jeans. You get a sliver of skin without feeling like you're wearing a bikini top. Well, with low rise jeans you're going to look and feel a lot more exposed, which you might not exactly love. If you're into it, hey, go off! But if you'd rather keep most of your tummy concealed, then low rise jeans aren't for you.

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Your Thong Is Going To Show

I mean, that thing has a mind of its own. Add low rise jeans into the mix? You're in trouble on the thong front. But hey, if the visible thong trend of the early 2000s comes back too, you'll be in good company. Silver linings?


You Need To Wear Low Rise Undies To Match Your Low Rise Jeans

With the popularity of high waist pants over the past few years, underwear tends to also be a little more high rise these days. Well, you might have trouble wearing most of your underwear if you suddenly acquire some low rise jeans. I mean, you could try to make visible high waist undies paired with low rise jeans a look if you want to...but I'm assuming you don't.

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If You're Low Maintenance, It Might Not Be For You

I'm going to be real: I usually don't bother shaving my tummy/happy trail because it usually isn't shown off to the universe. It's nice and protected in my high waist jeans or leggings. But if I were to wear low rise jeans, I'd feel more pressure to shave that area on the regular just in case. You obviously don't have to do this--shaving is optional, period--but the pressure might just be there and...ain't nobody got time for that if you ask me.


Would you wear low rise jeans? Do you prefer the to high waist jeans? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LilFred

    That last section tho 🙁
    Girls, happy trails are cute af, and there’s no reasn you should be ashamed of them. Adult women DO have hairs, and it’s about time that people learn to deal with that. Just keep your happy trail moderately trimmered and/or plucked around the edges if you want to look more put together, and go with it if you feel like doing it! ♥