20 Style Tips On How To Wear Minimalist Style This Fall

Not to be extremely annoying, but earlier this year I went to Paris on vacation, and I’ve been obsessed with French style ever since. French girl style is basically the same as minimalist style – it’s all clean lines, chic outfits that seem effortless, and clothing items that look impressively put together. Minimalist outfits aren’t about trying out a few different trends at once, or wearing something super bold and unique. It’s more of a relaxed, chic look that seems comfortable but stylish. Minimalism is making a comeback in the midst of recurring ’80s trends, and it can make getting dressed a whole lot easier.

The key to nailing minimalist style is to opt for items that are versatile and made of decent quality. You don’t want to pile on several different patterns or get super trendy. It’s a softer look, and it’s meant to look good for a lot of different occasions. I mean, you don’t need to get rid of all of your bright colors or your printed tops – there’s a place for those! – but minimalism definitely looks more ~genuine~ in certain pieces. Does that make sense? If not, keep reading. Here are some style tips on how to wear minimalist style this fall without looking boring or blah:

1. Pair a button down with jeans.



There are a few key pieces essential for a minimalist wardrobe, and two of them include: good jeans and a chic white button-down shirt. You can wear them together for a casual but stylish look that’s super easy. Add white sneakers to make the look even more relaxed – and then you really don’t need to do anything else!


2. Wear a monochrome outfit.



An easy go-to for a minimalist look is monochrome – my personal favorite is all black. It’s super simple and always looks chic. You can keep the look casual with a pair of sneakers, or dress it up with heels if you want.


3. Wear a nice sweater with heels.



A perfect and easy fall minimalist outfit is a nice sweater with a pair of jeans or pants and heels. Opt for neutral shades to keep the look more relaxed.


4. Add a long sweater as the perfect layer.



Another fall go-to outfit? A long sweater with jeans, a plain tank, and ankle boots. It’s a super simple outfit that always looks good.


5. Wear a more standout piece with basics. 



Minimalism doesn’t have to mean basic neutrals. Get a piece that stands out more, like this pink velvet shirt, and keep it simple by pairing it with more simple items, like black jeans and ankle boots.


6. Opt for a black and white outfit.



You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of black and white. It always looks stylish and has a minimalist air to it that just works. I love the hat in this photo the most!


7. Dress the look up with thigh high boots.



Want to make your minimalist look a little more ~sexy~? Add thigh-high boots. I love this neutral look of mixing a brown mini skirt with a simple black sweater and boots. It proves you don’t need a lot to look stylish.


8. Use accessories to make a dress work for fall. 



A simple t-shirt dress is a great piece for a minimalist wardrobe. To make it work for fall weather, add tights, ankle boots, and a scarf.


9. Layer any look with a leather jacket.



A fitted leather jacket is another essential for a minimalist wardrobe – it gives any outfit just a little bit of an edge that works. I love how it looks with all black, especially with the black and white striped top.


10. Use a little black dress to get fancier.



You can do a dressed up minimalist outfit easily with a little black dress that you love. All you need to add is a pair of heels and one or two pieces of jewelry, and you’re good to go.


11. Add a silk scarf to your outfit.



Minimalism doesn’t mean zero accessories. A silk scarf tied at the neck creates a sophisticated vibe.


12. Replace a white tee with a striped tee.



A striped t-shirt is definitely a staple for a minimalist closet. It’s a classic that looks good with anything, especially when it’s kept simple with jeans, a cardigan, and flat shoes.


13. Use a long coat to look more chic.



Another staple? A long wool coat. It can make literally any outfit look more stylish, even if the outfit is boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers.


14. Make a midi dress more simple with sneakers. 



A tight midi dress can easily look too dressed up for a minimalist vibe, but worn with white sneakers and a leather jacket, it’s a lot more relaxed.


15. Get a pair of slip on sneakers and wear them with everything.



One key shoe for a minimalist wardrobe is a slip on sneaker. They look good with everything. I love how they can dress down an A-line skirt and sweater in the best way.


16. Wear a black tee and jeans.



Keeping it simple is what minimalism is all about. A black tee and jeans that fit well really don’t need much else except for a cute pair of shoes.


17. Add cute shoes to a basic outfit.



One way to keep a minimalist outfit from being too boring is to add cute foods. These belted ankle boots get the job done!


18. Use a denim jacket for some casual layering.



Don’t go crazy with your layers – a denim jacket over a sweater with jeans is a super simple look you can wear almost anywhere.


19. Wear any dress with sneakers.



Keep literally any dress on the casual side by wearing it with white or slip on sneakers. It will quickly become your fall go-to outfit.


20. Go for something striped.



Minimalism might be about keeping it simple, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid patterns forever. A patterned top and pants look stylish with a sweater in the same shade.


Which one of these minimalist outfits is your favorite? What kind of style tips do you want to see next? Share in the comments!

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