8 Important Things Your Period Blood Can Tell You About Your Body

Your period blood probably isn’t something you pay a lot of attention to unless you notice that something seems off. Maybe it’s usually bright red, and then one month, it looks more like a dark brown color. Or maybe it’s always a pink shade, and then out of nowhere, it looks more murky. Suddenly, you start to get worried about what’s coming out of your vagina. Is different colored blood the sign of a serious health issue? Or is it totally normal and something you don’t need to worry about? As it turns out, it could be either one. The color of your period blood can tell you more about your health than you think!

The color of your period blood can change depending on what’s going on with your body. For example, if you start to use an IUD, you might find that your blood is a lot heavier and darker. Or if you’ve just started using birth control pills, you might notice the opposite – the blood will probably be lighter colored. Ideally, your period blood should be a bright, vibrant red. This indicates a healthy menstrual cycle and normal flow. But things change, and you will definitely not always see a perfect red shade of blood down there every single month. Want to know if something if you should be calling your doctor? Here are a few important things your period blood can tell you about your body:

What color is your period blood usually? Do any of these apply to you? Share in the comments.

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