Can You Use Tampons If You’re A Virgin?

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My friend was only able to wear tampons after she lost her virginity and I’m scared that will happen to me, is there any way to avoid that??? Can you use tampons if you’re a virgin or no?

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There are a lot of myths about tampons out there, but one of the biggest ones is definitely the idea that you can’t use a tampon unless you’ve already had sex. It’s a damaging myth that leads to a lot of slut-shaming and backwards thinking about menstrual products. And it’s not true – you can use a tampon even if you’re a virgin.

If you don’t believe me, I spoke to Laura Goodman, the Senior Scientist for Tampax and Always, and she said this: “Sometimes, women feel it is easier to use a tampon after they have had sex; however, it is not a requirement to using a tampon.” See? It’s legit.

Laura makes a good point, though:  some women do find it easier to insert a tampon after already having sex. This is because you insert your tampon into the same hole (the vaginal opening) as where a penis would go if you’re having penetrative sex. If you’ve already had sex, then you’re already used to the feeling of putting something inside the vaginal opening, so inserting a tampon, which is thinner and smaller than a penis, usually feels a lot easier and more natural. If you’ve never put anything into the vaginal opening, it’s normal to feel weird about sticking something up there. But it’s certainly still possible!

The reason a lot of virgins have trouble using tampons is because of that unnatural feeling. If you’re struggling, Laura says, “If you are having trouble inserting a tampon, we suggest using a thinner, smoother tampon such as Tampax Pearl Active Lites.” Using a smaller, light tampon is a lot easier than using a regular or a super size one. Laura also says, “Consult your mom or other female relative that has successfully inserted a tampon to ensure that you are inserting it correctly or reference this tampon insertion guide from Tampax: Tampax Training Camp.”

Lastly, I want to point out one thing: using a tampon isn’t going to take away your virginity either. A lot of people believe that using a tampon will tear your hymen, which means you’re no longer a virgin. First of all, a tampon probably will not tear your hymen. Second, even if it does, breaking your hymen does not translate into losing your virginity. So please don’t worry about that!

Good luck!

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