9 Basic Things Guys Can Do But Girls Can’t

As a girl, I can tell you firsthand that there are a ton of awesome things we can do. There are bad things, too, but we tend not to think about those. We can sing Fifth Harmony songs and feel empowered, or watch “girly” movies like The Notebook or Mean Girls and not feel like we’re less of a woman for crying about them and actually kind of enjoy the cathartic release of crying. Of course, guys can do those things too, it’s just that they would probably wouldn’t get the whole empowerment thing, and they definitely would be teased for being “less of a man” for crying. That sucks, but let’s not forget that us girls face criticism for basic things every day, just because we are women. Guys do have it easier in so many ways, since they are ~manly men~ who are ~always right~. Ugh.

I don’t want to be mean, since guys do have struggles, but being a girl is really effing hard. It’s harder when we aren’t able to do the same things that men do every day. Double standards do exist, and they can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re just trying to live your life. For example, guys are always doing gross things in public, but if girls do them, it’s “unladylike.” It’s just not fair. And it doesn’t stop there. A recent Reddit thread asked the question “what can men get away with that women can’t” and there are A LOT of things.  Check them out, even though you might get mad.

Wear The Same Outfit

Why are we expected to have 365 outfits for every single day of the year, but guys can wear the same thing every other day? As darkmetroidz said, "Wearing the same clothes. Guys get to have five shirts and two pants and it's clothes for a month." This is SO true. I guess women are supposed to be "into" fashion, but it just adds a lot of pressure. Guys can just throw on a shirt and pants and be good.

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Be Hairless

Girls are supposed to be hairless beings, even though every single human has hair! As Knightni73 said, "Having extra hair on their body." Men are known to have hairy legs and armpits, but girls are supposed to be smooth and hairless. It's super unfair, since we all grow hair, and we shouldn't have to cut it off if men don't!

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Pee Anywhere

For guys, the whole world is their toilet. For girls, not so much. As Melodic_melancholic said, "Peeing inconspicuously anywhere they want without either having piss drop down their thighs or popping a squat. Do you guys understand how lucky you are that you don't need TP or wiping after a piss?" Listen, guys Are pretty lucky when it comes to peeing. They can do it anywhere!

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Go Topless

This is something that will bother women for the rest of time, probably. Christinat33 said, "Going shirtless in public." Guys can be shirtless pretty much anywhere, but when women go shirtless, or even braless, they are sexualized and shamed. It's not fair that men can do this with no issue, and girls can't.

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Date Someone Younger

Honestly, this is so true. Older guys are always dating younger girls, but when a girl dates a younger guy, she's called a cougar. What's up with that? Dga29482 said, "dating someone much younger than them." Another user added the fact that girls are also not encouraged to date people shorter than them. Why do guys always have to be older and bigger? It seems like a weird power move.

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Be Serious

"Serious" girls are considered bitches, while "serious" guys are bosses. Gothpeanutbutter said, "being calm, direct, and serious in nature. I try to be as professional as possible but many people think I'm a stuck up bitch because I don't smile excessively and talk a lot." This is so true. If we don't smile, we are cold, if we do smile, we are too bubbly or ditzy. It's a lose-lose.

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Be Pissed Off Without Being Accused Of Being On Their Period

WHAT is with this? When guys get angry, they are taken seriously. When girls get angry, they are accused of being "crazy" or on their period. WTF? Vakx said " I had a co-worker tell another co-worker not to eat my 'period chocolate' because I would get angry and go Hulk on them. Seriously, like who does that?" That's so gross and degrading.

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Enjoy Things

Guys can like most things without being questioned, while girls who like sports or video games are always challenged to explain themselves. Largefalcon said, "Enjoying certain things (sports, video games, music) without being questioned." When girls mention they like a sports team, guys will always try to test them. It's annoying.

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Walk Alone

Being a girl can be scary, and walking home alone at night can be terrifying. Guys don't have to worry about it really. Bennystone2013 said,  "Walking home alone at night. I can't imagine being completely terrified every time I needed to take even just a short walk home." It's not like there are assaulters lurking in every corner, but it can be scary to be alone.

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What things do you think are harder for girls than guys? Tell us in the comments!

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