7 Guys On What They Really Think About Period Sex

Like most people who have an incredibly healthy, robust, well-adjusted sex life, I often turn to Reddit when I have a sex-related question that feels unanswerable or unspeakable to me. In fact, I find that I get on Reddit almost every day on the “Sex” or “Relationships” subreddits in order to cull the stories of  people with a sex and dating life so complicated that it can distract me from my own. And this, my friends, I found a thread on what guys think about period sex today.

Of course, as a knee-jerk reaction to this thread, one might be tempted to say that it’s 2017, so, not only do we eat ass now, Grandpa, period sex is…not a big deal. Like, at all. Still, everyone has different preferences and sexual experiences, so, for some people, it might be a big deal.

In any case, it is important to note that these are guys who are choosing to answer a specific question on Reddit, so it’s definitely not representative of how, like, the general male population as a whole feels about period sex. This means that reading through this list won’t reveal how your partner or anyone else you might hook up with in the future feels about period sex–the only way to figure that out for sure is, you know, to ask them. Still, it can be interesting to see what these guys have to say. So, check out what these guys (from Reddit) have to say about what they really think about period sex:

It's NBD

Are guys less discriminatory than one might think when it comes to potentially "gross" things interrupting their sex life? I don't want to say "yes" unequivocally, but, uh, yes. PracticeMakesPizza said,"I'm all for it. I'm a horny and perverted guy. I've stuck my dick in bloody p*ssies and sh*tty a**holes. There's not much stopping me from sticking my dick in something." So, uh, there you have it.

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...With Some Limits

But, you know, not all guys are like that. Montmin said, "It's not a big deal really if it's light; but if I'm being honest I'm not a fan in the heavy days. It's not very pleasant for me to pull out and see a blood clot on my dick." Fair enough!

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It Might Be Difficult For Some

If a guy has an extreme sensitivity to blood in general, it's unlikely that it will be lessened during sex. Particularly if they've tried period sex before and it didn't exactly go well for them. Throwthatoneawaydawg said, "I've done it a few times. I do not like it though. I've been in operating rooms, seen people kill themselves, body parts everywhere but there are two things that make me squeamish: Bloody nails and blood on private parts. I just can't look at it. I have no idea why. One of my worst experiences was with one of my ex's. Had period sex in a tent during the summer. I thought we were just extra sweaty due to the extreme heat. I finally look around and at my hands, blood everywhere."

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Squirting + Period Sex = Bad

Some people have had REALLY bad experiences with period sex. TheDream3434 said, "Not a fan. Had sex with my ex on her period just the tip made it in and she squirted blood at me. Not a fan." Most period sex doesn't involve squirting blood, but, to be fair, if blood got squirted into my face during a certain sex act, I wouldn't feel super inclines to try it again.

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It's Not Ideal, But Not Impossible

Some people are just turned off by blood, period. Allithinkaboutissex said, "It's a hard pass for me. I do not like blood or the smells. I might be more willing to do it if I loved the person, but I've only had casual sex partners and to me it's a temporary dealbreaker." If your partner seems to feel this way, and period sex is really important to you, talk to them about it--it's possible that, if they really care about you, they'll still do it every now and then.

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You Can Figure It Out

Even if your partner isn't that into period sex, you can always compromise. Plus, you know, showers exist for a reason. Alittlebirdy1 said, "I'm not a fan of blood, so I'm not going to actively seek sex when I know my wife is on her period. However, if I get bloody, I get bloody... it's not like I can't wash off after. I will admit, as much as I love going down on a woman, I'm not keen to do so if she's bleeding; it's one of my few firm lines when it comes to sex." Basically, don't force anyone to go down on you when you're menstruating, but if you really want to have sex, there are definitely ways to make it more appealing.

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If They're Squeamish, Take Them To The Shower

It's worth noting that the main issues that most people have with period sex--which seem to be the scent and visual effect--can easily be alleviated by doing it in the shower, which washes everything away was you're doing it. Bdang said, "If my wife and I do have sex when she's on her period, it's usually in the shower."

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Were you surprised by what these guys said? What surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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