15 Weird Sex Memes That Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

Here is some advice that I will give you for free: If you are trying to learn more about sex, it would probably serve you well to stay away from the internet. Or, to be more exact, to be selective about where you choose to go on the internet to learn about sex. It can be a good resource if you go to the right places, but going to the wrong places will almost certainly lead you astray. Like, you’ll learn more from a substantiated health site or app (or Gurl dot com itself?? I don’t know, just a thought) than you will from a random porn video or list of “hoe tips” from someone on Pinterest.

And, if your entire sexual education was formed through, I don’t know, relationship goals posts and sex-related memes? I don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but you might be doomed. Still, on a personal level, I would feel hypocritical saying that all memes about sex are objectively bad. But what I do not feel hypocritical saying is that there are a lot of memes about sex that can make everyone feel uncomfortable. So, once you learn the standard nuts and bolts (if you will) about sex, check out these sex memes that will make you feel moderately-to-severely uncomfortable:

1. This:


2. And this:



3. And THIS!!!



4. This sexual fanfic about Jonah Hill’s mom???



5. This rude starter pack:



6. This important reminder:



7. This equally helpful advice:



8. This relatable AF Facebook status!!!



9. This tweet that will make your vagina feel SEEN:


10. This one, too:



11. This rare photo of someone going down on you:



12. This truly immoral doughnut imagery:



13. This helpful dirty talk advice:



14. ….this:



15. And, finally, this meme that (unfortunately) gets at the crux of your very sexual essence:


What do you think of these memes? Which one made you the most uncomfortable? Let us know in the comments!

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