9 Random Things That You Can Get In Trouble For In College

In many ways, college is a lot more chill than high school. You’re (probably) not going to get reprimanded by your professor for being 30 seconds late for class. And no one is going to yell at you if you’re wearing colored shoe laces or you have a sliver of shoulder exposed. Still, with that being said, it’s important to know that college isn’t some free-for-all where you can do whatever you like. There are still rules. And it’s important that you know them so you avoid getting in trouble.

Some of the rules are pretty obvious and similar to the ones you had to deal with in school. For example, if you cheat on a test or plagiarize something, you’re going to get in a major trouble. However, there are some less obvious rules that you might not even realize exist. They are probably in your student guide or posted on page 1,235 of the freshman orientation website. Given that most of us never get through the mountain of reading material we’re handed on the first week of school, we don’t realize these random rules exist until we break them. Whoops. I don’t want to see you get in trouble, so I’m going to give you the heads up now on some of the lesser-known things you can get in trouble for in college:

Lighting Candles In Your Dorm

Sorry, but it doesn't matter how bad your dorm stinks, you cannot light a candle in it. Candles equal fire hazards and no school wants to risk an entire building going up into flames because you were so tired after studying until 3 AM that you forgot to blow out your Bath and Body Works candle. FYI: It's not just candles that are restricted items. Anything that has an open flame is.

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Eating In The Library

For a lot of schools, books and food do not go to together. And that includes coffee. You would think that schools would be sympathetic to students who have to spend hours in the library without seeing the light of day, but some of them aren't. If you're caught munching on that granola bar or sipping coffee, you could get yelled at by a librarian. And if you've *damaged* a book with your greasy fingers, they might want you to pay for that rare and expensive text.

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Trying To Use The Washing Machine For Free

I know that you're a broke college student and you're looking for any way to save money, but trying to use the coin laundry machine for free isn't the best way to save money. Why? If you're caught trying to *fix* the machine, you're going to get in trouble. It's even worse if you try and stick something into the machine to get free laundry and you break it.

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Removing Furniture From Your Dorm Room

I know that furniture isn't the prettiest or the most comfy, but it's in there for a reason, and your school wants it to stay in there. Don't be clever and think you can remove stuff and just put it back at the end of the year. Getting it out the building without anyone seeing would be a miracle. Secondly, a lot of schools have random checks throughout the year to make sure everything in your dorm room is okay. If you really miss your bed, you're going to have to wait until you're home to sleep in it.

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Getting Tape, Staple, and Tack Happy In Your Dorm

Everyone loves a good DIY to make their dorm room feel like home and less like the sterile box that it is, but you have to be careful about decorating. Anything that damages the walls like tape, staples, and certain tacks is strictly forbidden. And don't think that you can just put stuff up and no one will notice. They check dorms at the end of the year and you will be charged for damage, staple holes included.

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Having A Pet

Sorry, but cats and dogs aren't allowed in the majority of dorms. And even tiny, quiet pets that don't bother people are restricted, too. That means fish, snakes, toads, and guinea pigs. If it makes you feel better, you'll probably be so busy that you won't have the time to devote to a pet, no matter how low maintenance you think the critter is.

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Keeping Certain Appliances In Your Room

Many of us couldn't imagine a dorm room without our mini fridges, but some schools restrict what small appliances you can bring in. Some of them even stipulate the size or the amount of energy fridges can use. Other items like hot plates and microwaves and sometimes kettles aren't allowed in rooms at all. That's what the caf and common rooms are for, apparently.

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Leaving Your Dorm Room Door Open

Some orientation crew members might encourage you to leave your dorm room open to create a welcoming atmosphere, but your school could actually be against it. Not only is it not the safest of moves, it can also be a fire hazard.

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Running In The Stairwells

Running in the stairwells might seem like a great way to get exercise and to save money on that *reduced* campus gym membership, but some schools don't allow it. Some want the stairwells to only be used in emergency situations like fires. Others also see it as a safety precaution so no one trips on the stairs, knocks into someone, or they get into trouble if there's someone unknown lurking in there.

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