15 Fall Accessories That Will Make You Seem A Lot Cooler Than You Are

As we head into fall, it’s time to finally put away all of the trendy summer accessories. The fuzzy slides, the one piece suits, green tea lattes…they all need to go. Sorry! Well, you can keep drinking lattes. But all of the summer accessories are about to go out of season. It’s time to start looking at the autumn accessories and choosing which ones you’re going to try out once September rolls around. And, most importantly, which ones will make you look cool.  I’m sure you’re already pretty cool, but there are some tiny accessories and gadgets that will elevate your status from “cool” to ~cool~ and we all know how big a difference that is, right?!

When it comes to being cool, it mostly has to do with your attitude and how you present yourself. You can’t be cool and be a mean girl, that just doesn’t work. You can’t really be a cool girl if you’re constantly gossiping and putting people down, that’s just being mean. But, you can be a cool girl by being a good friend AND by owning the cutest and trendiest accessories. These qualities go hand in hand to make you seem cool AF, even if you don’t really feel it. Even if you don’t think you’re the trendiest person on earth, if you follow some of these trends, you’re bound to look at least a LITTLE bit cooler than you already are.

1. A Polaroid camera:


Polaroid Camera, $70, Bloomingdale’s,

It’s a fact that if you take a Polaroid and instagram it, your coolness factor goes up like 80 percent. Kidding, but honestly, having a Polaroid camera will totally help you make friends in college, since everybody LOVES having their picture taken.


2. A fanny pack:


Herschel Fanny Pack, $30, SIX:02

I know these used to be reserved for dads in Disney World, but they are ~back~ now. Honestly, they make sense. You don’t want to carry a giant bag if all you need is your phone and wallet, right?


3. A pair of metallic sneakers:


Reebok Classic, $85, SIX: 02

This metallic trend is still going strong, and some metallic shoes are a perfect way to look super cool this fall.


4. Some rose gold headphones: 


aHead Wireless Headphones, $145, Anthropologie 

The rose gold trend is still pretty relevant right now, and some headphones are a good way to seem like you’re listening to some cool indie artist, even if you are really listening to Britney Spears.


5. A quirky bag:


Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Bag, $78, Betsey Johnson

There seems to be a rise in ~quirky~ accessories, and I’m definitely not complaining. They do help you stand out and look like you don’t give AF about anything. This PSL bag is sort of a way to reclaim that “basic b*tch” term that is offensive to every girl on the planet.


6. Some anklets: 


Hexagon Anklet, $16, ASOS

As we transition from summer to fall, a popular trend is anklets. They’ve been all over Etsy, and they do look pretty cool with a pair of jeans and sandals.


7. A fake tattoo:


Spider Tattoo, $19, Inkbox

Want a tattoo without getting a tattoo? Try a fake one. You’ll look pretty cool, without having to commit to it.


8. Mirror sunglasses:


Mirror Glasses, $23, ASOS

These glasses make you look super mysterious, which is the ultimate cool girl move.


9. A cool phone case:


Embroidered Phone Case, $35, Urban Outfitters 

A phone case is always a good way to update your look a little bit. Get a cute or flashy one to seem on-trend this fall.


10. A pretty hat:


Floppy hat, $19.90, Forever 21

Fall is hat season, guys. Add a cute hat to your wardrobe to look super put together and trendy.


11. A badass leather jacket:


Biker Jacket, $69, H&M

You can’t really go wrong with a leather jacket, TBH. It makes you look super badass, even if you don’t feel it.


12. A healing stone necklace: 


Onyx Stone Necklace, $11.95, Charming Charlie

Crystals and healing stones are also very trendy right now, and not just for witches. You can add a crystal necklace to any outfit for an instantly cool update.


13. Cute hair accessories:


Athena Headband, $20, Urban Outfitters

Headbands, pins, clips, etc. All of these things will help your hair go from “meh” to “super trendy.”


14. A unique watch:


Marble Watch, $32, ASOS

Not only will this help you look “adult” but it will also help you be on time to class, which is important!


15. Anything with succulents or cacti: 


Cactus Tote, $22, Etsy


I thought this succulent trend would die down, but it hasn’t. Literally anything with succulents will make you look cool. I promise.


Which of these accessories will you try? Tell us in the comments!

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