21 Gorgeous Boho Dorm Rooms To Use As Decorating Inspiration

In order to decorate your dorm room and make it look Pinterest-worthy, you must first pick a theme. The theme of your room should, of course, be focused on something you love, or some stand-out aspect of your personality. Maybe you love going to the beach, and you want to go for nautical inspired decor. Maybe you’re obsessed with Lily Pulitzer, and you want a colorful, preppy room. Maybe you’re a creative artist, and you want to use lots of fun prints and photographs to show off your style. Or maybe you have a ~gypsy soul~ and you want your dorm room to reflect that with boho accents.

A boho dorm room is so aesthetically pleasing that even if it isn’t exactly your vibe, you’ll be tempted to copy it anyway. Boho inspired dorm rooms are usually comfortable, cozy, relaxed, and colorful, making your living space serene and full of unique, fun pieces. It’s also an easy style to go after because you have so much to play around with. At this point, you’ve probably already started thinking about decorating your dorm room, or maybe you’ve already moved in and have started decorating – but if you haven’t picked a central theme yet, you might lean towards bohemian, especially after seeing the below photos. Need some inspiration? Check out these gorgeous boho dorm rooms that are too cool to be real – except they are.

1. Add a floor pouf or seat.



A boho style dorm room should feel comfortable, and in order for that to happen, there has to be places to sit comfortably. Unfortunately, a small dorm room doesn’t allow for lots of couches, so make due with a fuzzy flour pouf or stool like the one above.


2. Hang up a nature photo.



Add some of the great outdoors to your room with a tapestry showing off a nature scene. I love this one of the ocean – it almost makes it feel like you’re at the beach. Go for something like this, or the woods or a snowy scene – whatever you’re into!


3. Hang chandeliers or lanterns. 



Boho style chandeliers will make your room look instantly cooler and more homey. You can just get fringe pieces like these, or go for something that has a light too. Even if they don’t have a specific purpose, they’ll look awesome.


4. Fill your bed with throw pillows.



Boho style should never be too matchy-matchy. Give your room that look by collecting as many eclectic throw pillows as you can find. They make the room look more comfortable and the clashing patterns work for boho decor.


5. Create a giant quote mural.



Think about your favorite quote, something that soothes you, and make it into a mural on your wall using cut-outs from magazines or photos. It’s a nice, personal touch to any room.


6. Decorate with vintage looking signs.



Boho decor sometimes has a vintage feel to it, so if you’re into that, add some old-looking signs or photos of vintage cars and whatnot. It’s a unique look and gives your room some personality.


7. Hang fringe banners.



Fringe pretty much automatically looks boho, so get some fringe banners and hang them around your dorm room for that look. You can also make them yourself if you feel like getting a little crafty.


8. Hang several different tapestries rather than just one.



A tapestry is a must-have for a boho dorm room, but who says you have to stick to just one? Cover all the walls you can with all different kinds of hanging tapestries or sheets.


9. Hang a hammock under your bed.



Want a relaxing spot in your dorm room? If your bed is lofted, hang a hammock from underneath it. This will immediately give off that bohemian vibe, and it’s a cool extra seat.


10. Outline your tapestry with string lights.



Cute string lights can make any dorm room look more fun, especially when you’re going for boho style. String them all around the room, including across your tapestry.


11. String lights over your bed.



Instead of leaving the lights along the wall, string them up so they hang directly over your bed. It gives off a romantic feel that works with boho tapestries and decorations.


12. Get some feather decor.



Feathers, like fringe, pretty much just scream boho. Get some and hang them up all over, or make your own wall hangings with them.


13. Hang up a dream catcher.



Dream catchers got their name because of an old Native American myth saying they “catch” bad spirits, preventing bad dreams and vibes. They’re an essential touch to any boho room and I love the story behind them.


14. Mix up the patterns in the room.



Don’t try to perfectly match your comforter with a tapestry or one tapestry to another. Mix up the colors and patterns so that you’ve got a whole jumble of stuff going on. Boho decor should feel a little messy.


15. Drape a white sheet over your bed.



Get creative with a sheer white curtain and drape it over your bed for a bohemian feel. Make it even more fun by adding string lights to the mix so that you have a cozy little space.


16. Dangle string lights under your bed.



If you can, make the space under your bed comfortable with lots of blankets and pillows. Hanging string lights from the bottom of the bed is a perfect way to make a cozy hangout area.


17. Drape a tapestry over your bed.



Instead of just hanging it on the wall, drape your tapestry over the bed so that it gives you a little bit more of a private feel. Add some string lights and you’re good to go.


18. String up some pom-poms.



Pom-poms just have a boho vibe to them! Buy some colorful string pom-poms, or easily make your own, then string ’em up and show ’em off.


19. Use string lights and sheer white curtains under your bed.



Make the space under your lofted bed look ridiculously cool by hanging a sheer white curtain with string lights and little pom-poms. You’ll want to stay down there forever!


20. Add a chandelier over your bed with a sheet.



Make your bed more private by hanging a sheet almost like a tent, then adding a boho chandelier. How cool is this?


21. Add lots of plants.



Green plants are an easy way to give your room a more boho vibe. They’re not hard to find, and make sure you get ones that are low-maintenance so that you don’t have to take care of them a lot. I love how these hang by the window.


Which one of these boho dorm rooms is your favorite? How are you going to decorate this year? Tell us in the comments.

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