7 Obvious Signs You’re Bad At Flirting

What is the hardest part of having a crush? It is the fact that they are always on your mind? Is it the fact that you can’t talk about anything other than them, which annoys your friends to no end? Or is it the fact that your crush might not like you back? Those things are hard, especially the last one, but the hardest part is probably the flirting. And if you’ve been crushing on someone for a long time but they still aren’t making a move, it could be that you are sending them mixed signals by being bad at flirting. And that’s a pretty crappy feeling.


Let’s be honest, flirting is HARD. You need to say the right things at the right time, but how do you even know what to say? It can be hard to figure out how to flirt, especially if you don’t know your crush too well. Maybe they are shy and don’t know how to flirt either, which just means that you sit in and awkward silence until one of you says something. That’s not a very ideal crush situation. I know it’s hard, but before you get good at flirting, you need to figure out what you’re doing wrong and what you can do to fix it. If you’re bad at flirting, chances are you won’t get with your crush. If you don’t know whether or not you’re bad at flirting, take a look at these signs, then take some of our advice! Good luck, girl.

You Never Initiate

If you don't go out on a limb and reach out to your crush, how can you expect them to know you like them?  You don't have to text them every single morning asking to hang, but it's okay for YOU to be the one to reach out. If you just wait for people to come to you, you might end up waiting for a long time.

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You Do All The Talking

If you are the only only one talking when you're flirting, then you're not doing a very good job. You want your crush to be able to talk about himself/herself, too! If you don't ask questions about them, they might not think you are interested in them. Be engaging and be sure to be give them some time to respond to what you say!

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Or You Don't Say Anything At All

If you're only saying words like "cool" or "that's funny," then you're not contributing to the conversation. This can make you seem bored or uninterested. It's important to let your crush talk, but you should also be sure to talk! Try and make it and even balance of you talking and them talking.

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You're Talking Too Fast

If you're jumbling up your words, it could mean that you're talking too fast. It can be hard for your potential bae to keep up if you're going super fast. Try to take a breath, and calm down a little.

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You Try Multiple Flirting Techniques

I know that there are about seven thousand flirting tips online, but you can't try them all at once, since that will just get messy. If you tend to play hard to get IRL, but then text them 17 times in a row, you might be confusing your crush. Stick to one tactic and see how that goes.

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You Don't Make Eye Contact

If you don't make eye contact with your crush/potential hookup, then they might be a little confused about what you want. I know you might be too shy or nervous, but eye contact is super important when flirting, and if you don't make it, they might not know you're interested.

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Your Crush Shows No Interest

The obvious sign that you are a bad flirt is that nothing is happening between you and your crush. If you have been flirting for months and nothing has happened, this is the most obvious sign that you're bad at flirting. Try to switch up your flirting style, or even be more open with your crush and see how that goes!

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Are you bad at flirting? Tell us in the comments!

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