15 Things To Know Before You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

Eyebrows may just be one little area of our faces, but many of us devote a lot of time, attention, and tender loving care to them. We brush them, pluck them, wax them, pencil them in, add gel to them, and sometimes we even dye them crazy colors.

Of course, there shouldn’t actually be any pressure for you to do these things to your eyebrows. Your brows are perfect whether your leave them au natural or give them the full works. If you are into the latter, and you’re considering getting your brows threaded, there are some key things to know. Threading may be a hair removal method, but it’s different than plucking and waxing. It’s literally using a thread to remove hair, and for some people it’s their hair removal method of choice. To help you decide whether it’s right for you, here are some things to know about getting brows threaded.

1. It’s an ancient technique.



A lot of us aren’t familiar with eyebrow threading, but it’s something that has been around a long time. It actually began in ancient India and Persia. The fact that it’s still done today is a testament to how good it is.


2. You will experience some discomfort.



Pain is one of those subjective things so it’s difficult to tell anyone how painful getting eyebrows threaded actually is. Some say that it’s less painful than waxing, some say it stings, while others say they don’t feel much of anything. Chances are you will feel something when they remove your brow hairs. If you’re nervous about the pain, you can ask your technician to demonstrate the technique on your hand/arm to get an idea about what it’s going to be like.


3. The piece of string they use is surprisingly long.



Threading uses two pieces of string together to pretty much rub out the hairs and they’re surprisingly long. Like, way longer than your eyebrows and way longer than the piece of floss you use on your teeth.


4. Threading actually pulls out the hairs.



Unlike shaving where the hairs are only trimmed to just below skin’s surface, proper threading completely removes the hair at the root. That means that regrowth is a lot slower and you won’t have to deal with brow stubble.


5. Technicians often hold the thread with their teeth.



Yeah, you might not expect the technician to hold the piece of string between their teeth, but a lot of them do. Don’t get too freaked out because that saliva string isn’t the part that’s going to be on your eye area.


6. You shouldn’t wear a lot of makeup before getting your brows threaded.



If you’re an eyeshadow, liner, false lashes, mascara, brow products, and glitter kind of girl, please try and leave the makeup off for your appointment. All of the products can mask where your brow hairs are. Plus, they can also stop the technique from being as effective.


7. Communicate, communicate, communicate.



Before anyone goes near your eyebrows, it’s important to be clear why you came to the appointment. Do you want the technician to just clean up the stray hairs? Do you want the tops of your brows to be left completely alone? Do you want a new eyebrow shape? Don’t assume they know. Brow technicians may be very good, but they’re not psychics. If you want a new brow shape, bring photos. It will never hurt.


8. Redness can happen.



You don’t want to get your brows threaded too close to a big event or a hot date because you can experience some redness after the procedure, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will normally fade within a couple of hours or a day or so. You also have to be very careful what you put on your brows, if anything, because you don’t want to cause further irritation.


9. Not all technicians are equal.



As with any beauty procedure, it’s important that you go to someone who is qualified for threading. If you go to any old person, they can irritate the skin. Improper threading can also cause the hairs to break off instead of being completely removed. Do your research and go to someone good.


10. You do not want to try it yourself.



Remember what I said about how you should go to a trained professional to get your eyebrows threaded? Sorry, but unless you have taken the course, you are not a professional. Threading, especially brow threading, isn’t something that you want to DIY. Leave it to the pros.


11. It doesn’t take long.



Busy girls will be pleased to know that eyebrow threading doesn’t take long. The entire process takes about 10 to 15 minutes including a brief consult with your technician about the look you want, the procedure, and any post-threading treatment and upkeep advice.


12. It’s super precise.



One reason people love eyebrow threading so much is that the technician really is in complete control. They can literally thread one brow hair at a time, if need be. Threading can also take out those annoying little hairs that you can see but you’re not able to pluck with your clunky tweezers.


13. You might have to help out.



Don’t worry, your brow technician won’t do one eyebrow and tell you to do the other. He/she might ask you to hold the skin around your eyebrows taught so they can work his/her magic. If you’re unsure about where to place your hands, your technician should show you. If not, ask.


14. Watch out for weird side effects.



Your eyebrows might be the area getting threaded, but your eyes might start watering or stinging a bit. Some people might find that they start sneezing or their noses become itchy. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s important that you speak up and tell your technician ASAP.


15. Pre- and/or post-treatment products are often used.



A lot of technicians like to apply products before and/or after treatments to help calm brows. A lot of technicians use aloe vera gel or rose water. They should ask you if you want it on. Unless you have super sensitive skin or you’re allergic, it’s a good idea to say yes to soothe the area faster.


Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed or threaded? Let us know in the comments!

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